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  • InvestmentGuru2001 InvestmentGuru2001 Jan 30, 2003 11:32 AM Flag


    The company loses $10 million, and burns through another $100 million since the last quarter, and you guys think this GOOD news. Bottom line: The company is still losing money. It's still burning through its capital. It still has minimal sales ($100 million in sales is in large part carry-over from the $1 billion in sales they had prior to the sale of IFMX to IBM). And all the data were reported on a pro forma basis.

    The upgrade is by an unknown company that is probably playing the company for a quick hit.

    If you think that ASCL has a future, having burned through $700 million is just one year, you are a sucker.

    I shorted another 5000 shares at 3.15 this morning.

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    • Guru,You are a glutten for punishment and at this point you need to lose your pants along with your shirt.You have an agenda here and I am sorry to say it is more than the stock price,you are a disgruntled exemployee in my opinion,how could someone be so stupid.If the market would not be afraid of war in Iraq,this stock would be 3.50 or more today.Your figures trying to scare investors are just awfully wrong as you include money used to buy back shares,certainly a positive.You need to get a lif or get laid is my suggestion today.Adamo

    • Guess you know whom you are talking about, seeing yourself in the mirror.


    • this a.m. were the hairs around my dick, so that you wouldn't be tickled while you were performing your daily magic.

    • theartistformerlyknownasaminarut theartistformerlyknownasaminarut Jan 30, 2003 12:13 PM Flag

      Excuse me but I think it's very clear who the board idiot is: look in the mirror.
      Please throw away that calculator of yours, it doesn't work.

    • ascl_delisting_countdown ascl_delisting_countdown Jan 30, 2003 12:04 PM Flag

      Longs are having a few good days. Enjoy it while you can. I'm certainly enjoying my snow-skiing vacation in the warmer latitudes.

      21 months ago, PG moved ASCL out of the "value" investing realm into the "growth" investing realm, hoping that dotcom valuations would be applied to his baby. Unfortunately, the landscape has changed, and the high valuations he anticipated did not come to fruition. The system has fundamentally changed in that 21 months, and we'll never see the levels of valuation that he promised.

      Sure, anytime a stock tanks to $1.50 and then runs back up, people are going to make some money on the runup. It all depends on where you got in.

      It's like the guy who goes to the surgeon and the surgeon says he'll have to cut off his arms and legs. The surgeon starts cutting, and then decides to only cut off the arms, leaving the legs. The guy's family is thrilled, saying "Isn't it great? You've got legs". But the guy just lost both his arms.

      But look at this over a longer term. In April, 2001, IFMX had $250M in cash and almost $1B in revenue. Twenty-one months later, ASCL has $600M in cash and $100M in revenue. They have a net gain of $350M in liquid assets and a loss of $900M in revenue.

      This company has nowhere near the upside it had before the sale.