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  • InvestmentGuru2001 InvestmentGuru2001 Aug 4, 2003 1:53 PM Flag

    Hey Adamo

    Still alive? You must be thrilled with the Mercator acquisition. You do realive that this acquisition will add another 0.80 loss/share to ASCL's bottom line. And $106 million less in the kitty. I thought it would take a week to get to the 14s or less. I was wrong. We hit 14s today; so my prediction is that we'll be in the 13s by the end of this week. If we get 15.5 again, I'll short 5000 shares again. Making anywhere from $750 to $4000 a day is a very tolerable return -- since it's only costing me minimal commissions.

    I suggest you turn negative on the stock too, so you can make some money.

    BTW, watching P(I)G throughout his career, I can guarantee you that in the long run, there will be no ACSL, and shareholders will lose their entire investment. So be smart! Short this POS as its spikes, and sell later in the day.

    It's the only way not to invest in this POS company.

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    • I cannot remember a stock ever going up with a purchase of another company.They paid for 300 customers not the technology.Again the weak buyers rush to sell,but I will ad a few more shares to my position tommorrow.If you shorted and made money,good for you,but in the near future you will get caught here,its just a matter of time.Adamo

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      • You keep telling me that I'm going to get caught. Yet, I've seen nothing but a downward trend for ASCL. Further, the company they acquired has had consistent losses, and the 300 customers are no guarantee to improvement is ASCL's bottom line. In fact, it is likely to add to ASCL's losses.

        I will continue to short this stock until it's at zero -- which is certain to happen.

        The trick is to short on the spike and take profits as soon as possible on the dumping pattern.

        There is so much downward pressure on this POS that it's almost a gurantee that you'll make money shorting.

        Go look with your optimism.