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Ascential Software Corp. (ASCL) Message Board

  • InvestmentGuru2001 InvestmentGuru2001 Aug 18, 2003 4:33 PM Flag

    You just don't get it!

    The likelihood of this stock trending upward is slim to none. The likelihood that we'll see significant declines is much greater. Why would I take the chance on a one or two day increase, when I have a much greater likelihood of making money on a sustained decrease.

    I suggest you continue to buy this stock and hold it long. Please let me short again against your stupid play.

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    • Last trade was at 16.61. Me, a little scared? Hardly. Another few pennies, and I'll fill my pocket with yet another $1200. Here comes the traditional end-of-day dump.

      You sucker longs will never learn, will you?

    • surges at close and ASCL closes over the high of 16.84. Are you getting a little scarred, IG?

    • My oh my ! When I bought Informix I knew it was a database vendor with a good product (so did IBM). Now I'm reviewing my portfolio to clean it up after I got burned by a bankruptcy. So I'm trying to work in the real world. You wouldn't care to explain what the hell "powerful data profiling, data quality, data transformation, parallel processing, meta data and connectivity solutions enable customers to reduce total cost of ownership and increase return on IT investment" means ? To me it sounds like a load of buzzwords strung together. Having said that Lotus (now IBM) had a similar problem marketting its Notes package. But I'm dealing with available info to make a decision. You guys simply insult or correct spelling errors (prissy? anal retentive? both and more?). Way to go guys.

    • He sounds like an investor who already has thrown away a ton of money. And he really needs to stop holding his legs so close together when he write emails--prissy? anal retentive? both and more?

    • with a lot of money to throw away.

    • I'm not your friend. In fact my only encounter with you has been antagonistic. You don't seem to appreciate the fact that I, for one, don't understand Ascential's business as described by them. And I'm probably better qualified than most to have a clue. Is it OK that I start a sentEnce with 'and' ? Is your real name John Ashcroft ? I'll use these forums to comment on any stock I own or am interested in to try and gain more insight as part of my DD. This is the only dog in my portfolio, the other went bankrupt a couple of months ago. I'm sure you can appreciate my perspective given your current ID.

      Sorry, still not at my sell point. But it is getting closer. As you can probably tell by my sudden interest in tracking the stock and the message board. As an aside this is probably the worst message board of any of stocks that I own. Is this a positive or negative sentiment indicator ? I'm sure you know. But I'll make up my own mind.

    • IG. What information do you base your last post on? Lets have some information to back up your claims.

      Every other post on this board seems to be from you, shouting to the world that this stock is going no-where. The reality is that the stock is up, there have been 5 consequative quarters of growth, more and more industry analysts publishing favourable reviews, more new customers than any other comparable company and a powerful technology message that is in a real hot-spot in a growing sector.

      Your shouting is like a dog barking in someones back yard; irritating background noise !

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      • I'll answer that one. I was in corporate IT for a while. I'm long on Informix. Oops sorry, Ascential. A lot of my shares recently evaporated. Anyway I read what Ascential delivers. Makes no sense to me. Honest. Is it a vaporware company ? Waiting for a sell point to get out. Too high risk for me if I don't understand what I own. And if I don't understand where are the fund managers at ?

        Which reminds me of a joke. Richard Prior was at Harvard to make a speach. He asked an undergraduate "Where's the theater at ?". The undergraduate replied "Sir, at Harvard we don't like to end our sentances with a proposition". Herr Prior replied "OK, so where's the theater at asshole ?".