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  • InvestmentGuru2001 InvestmentGuru2001 Aug 19, 2003 3:45 PM Flag

    Just covered at 16.55

    WooHoo! Another easy $1200+ for the day.

    You sucker longs are making me rich! Hate to say it, but "I TOLD YOU SO!"

    Pump and dump! Pump and dump! Pump and dump!


    Thank you Fulcrum!

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    • Adamo, the same goes for you as for cal_risk. Read my post to him and I expect the same from you. Either put up or shut up. Your cheerleading is falling on deaf ears.

    • Guru,I guess this news again this AM means nothing.Only some of the largest companies in the World using ASCL products with much success.Your remarks just prove you know little about Real-Time Information which is neccessary for these large companies to analyize and react to.ASCL is the leader and the new suite just out is starting to take hold,hence again your bankrupcy theory is all wet.New products,big customers,lots of cash,no debt spells 20 bucks in my opinion.Adamo

    • Maybe we're wasting PG's skills at ASCL. I think he should be hired as Bush's press secretary. With all his experience, he would be able to explain that we'll discover the WMD's "next quarter". The obscene tax cuts for the billionaires would be "accretive within the next year". All our fiscal problems would become "holdovers from the last administration and product set". And the reason for disenfranchising all those Florida voters? Why, to replace them with more correct "growth voters", of course.

    • what the matter GOOFRU...scared... better be..
      go back to stocks 101..and when you

      pass the may make a statement.

    • BTW, since when would an intelligent investor make decisions based on news releases? Here's a news release headline for you, Adamo...

      Cites lack of sales, incompetence, and no investors.

    • Thank you for taking the time to explain your thoughts. But you said absolutely nothing! All that gobblygook about the company's potential is just that -- gobblygook! Show me the money!

      ASCL has had enough time to prove itself -- 3+ years!. All it has done is sell off its major asset for pennies on the dollar, dilude investors into thinking that they actually have something to sell (although no one seems to know exactly what that is -- even people in the IT word), and have management rake in millions of dollars in very undeserved compensation.

      Read your own post, Adamo! It's nothing more than wishing thinking.

    • Dude, get a grip. Leader in their field? It seems there is little interest in their field. Just keep cashing those paychecks management and don't worry about turning a profit, keep aquiring companies and clouding the picture, the sheeple aren't watching.

    • Just read the last 5 news releases and it will tell you clearly they are the leader in thier field and these additions have made them even stronger.The cash was used for solid purchases,and if you do not know business,it sometimes takes a year to integrate all these things.The new purchase will be accretive to earnings almost immediately and they will be cash flow positive for sure again in the 4th.quarter as the 3rd quarter is always the toughest for technology stocks.This is a growth company in a new field and 20 bucks is really not out of the question,even Fulcrum thinks about that number.This is a revised company,forget about Informix,its gone and the progress they are making with plenty of cash and no debt is a winner,it is hard for me to understand your reluctance to give this company a chance.Did Intel or Cisco start out big.Cisco has never designed anything,they just buy it and they have done okay.The old tech.companies are gone and the new breed is here.There are a few other companies I am looking at that will look like winners over the next few years.Stop thinking of this company as an old company,it is brand new.Adamo

    • Please provide one ounce of real evidence that this company has the potential to reach $20 by year-end. In fact, please provide any quantitative data to support your assertion that ASCL will become profitable, other than the wishful thinking of P(I)G and his cronies.

      For three years P(I)G has been spouting off that the company will become profitable -- in the next quarter, the next six months, the next year. But the only profit the company has made is off its cash position. It has lost tons of money buying back its stock, buying companies that themselves have losses, and by paying executives obscene amounts as compensation.

      This company is a ruse. It has no viable product, an incompetent management team, and has squandered hundreds of millions of dollars.

      BOTTOM LINE: ASCL is toast!

    • information would come in 04. If everything goes right and the economy stays clean then this stock has high potential. We have stated that message in many of the posts, especially when IG bragged about his shorts.

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