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  • phdn53 phdn53 Aug 20, 2003 7:25 PM Flag

    InvestmentGuru - why you keep 5000 ASCL

    Guru, I don't know I must ask:
    How smart you are or How stupid you are ?
    You think that ASCL will go down, why you keep 5000 shares.
    Why have a all the time bad mouth about ASCL if you own ASCL ?

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    • Since when has any exchange with you been a dialogue? And I haven't heard any justification from you that holds water on why ASCL will go to zero.

      I've been on a number of boards on Yahoo and on each board there is someone like you who says the company will go to zero. There are other people saying the company will go to the moon. My position is that anyone who claims to be certain about the direction of the company is either an insider, who intimately knows the prospect pipeline and deal close rate, or a hypster. I venture to say you're a hypster toward the downside. Onward and upward!

    • I give up cal_risk. I will no longer dialog with you. I have asked you now five times to provide some quantitative evidence to support your assertions. You have not, because you cannot. So enough is enough. No more discussing your position. Keep up the cheerleading. Good luck with your long position. Sorry you will lose your entire investment within a year.

    • Pleeeaaaase! you give this idiot too much credit! He's not getting paid for anything. He's unemployed. He hasn't been able to land a job since PG fired him. He doesn't own or trade this stock. He's only here venting and consuming his low life in rage. I frankly don't understand why people here don't just ignore him. It's like talking to a lying 7-year-old.

    • Not what you would expect from a Guru or a wise man.

    • I am convinced by how vocal you are about your negative position that you must be a paid basher. I admit that investing in just about any company is a bit of a crapshoot, in either direction up or down. You on the other hand are too certain about ASCL's demise to be considered reasonable. These boards are a marketing medium, sometimes subtle, often not.

      I have encountered many manipulators on these boards and they all resort to the kind of tactics you use, yelling at people and trying to discredit them in an effort to get them to go away. The less competition you have from people not supporting your position the more you win. Your response is very predictable, you'll try and discredit me yet again. The difference between you and I is that I'm not saying my position or judgement is absolutely right, whereas you are. Where is your wisdom grasshopper?

    • but you blew $605k of paper profit to make $46k shorting ASCL this year .... isn't that the same thing? let's call him guru .. wink, wink ....

    • The only people out there laughing are those laughing at you.

      The only reason ASCL has shown increasing revenues is because they are buying those revenues. But at the end the day, you'll see that even with the purchase of those revenues, the company is losing substantial sums of money.

      If I spend $700 million to get $38 million, I'd say that was a pretty stupid investment. I could make $21 million a year just sitting on top of 3% T-Bills and never touch my principal.

      I HAVE GIVEN UP ON YOU CAL_RISK! You have yet to provide any quantitative analysis. And the numbers you spout aren't even accurate.

      As I've said before, "PUT UP OR SHUT UP!" Enough of you nonsensical bluster.

      There is no there there at ASCL. The company WILL go bankrupt. It is just a matter of time. But keep up the cheerleading -- it's kind of cute...pathetic, but cute.

    • IG's trading behavior is schizophrenic at best. His holding 5,000 shares of ASCL long confirms his subliminal belief that ASCL will go up. In the short run ASCL's lack of consistent liquidity has made it a target of many shorters, such as IG, trying, and succeeding, at making a quick buck.

      So where does the company go from here? Bankruptcy, very unlikely. More likely is that the economy picks up in the ensuing Q's and ASCL continues to up its guidance. The MCTR acquisition alone should be accretive in the next 1 to 2 Q's, adding as much as $0.05-.20/share over the next year. This outcome alone would likely add $3.00 or more to the current stock price.

      One last comment on this subject, based on the commentary of both IG and Truckee, I would not be surprised if they are plants here by some MM or hedge fund to try and influence stock sentiment. This is much more common than you might think. These people know that millions of people read the Yahoo message boards and posting message here is very inexpensive marketing. The strength of the internet chat rooms is also it's biggest weakness. People get lots and lots of information but the sources are generally anonymous and, therefore, potentially unreliable.

      Stock market chat rooms are a lot like someone yelling fire in a crowded theater, human behavior is pretty predictable. These people know if they come on these boards doing the equivalent of screaming "fire", a number of people will reflexively sell their stock. That's why they scream often and very loudly, generally with no basis for their conclusions. Many times they try to fake industry knowledge and I've even experienced situations where they plant false rumors. A number of these people are being prosecuted.

      People are much more skeptical about buying stock compared to selling it. I believe that is why shorts scream their messages on these boards while longs try to be systematic in their explanations of their positions and opinions.

      Here's my 2 cents: The best advice on investing in individual companies is to get to know as much as you can about the particular company, the industry it is in, its competitors and the prospects for growth or appreciation. If you can't get enough information to satisfy your risk tolerance, invest in mutual funds or index funds. Lower risk, lower reward, but hey, you might sleep better at night.

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      • Great post! Next thing, cal-risk, you'll be accusing me of being part of a right-wing conspiracy.

        Again, I ask you, beg you! Please provide so "real" data that you've analyzed that demonstrates your belief that ASCL will increase in price.

        You stated, "The MCTR acquisition alone should be accretive in the next 1 to 2 Q's, adding as much as $0.05-.20/share over the next year. This outcome alone would likely add $3.00 or more to the current stock price."

        On what analysis do you base this comment? The fact is that most acquisitions cost the acquiring company money for some time. Witness HP and its struggles absorbing Compaq. So your assertion that the MCTR will benefit ASCL is unproven and in my opinion unlikely.

        Further, let me share with you my assessment of ASCL. The company had over $1 billion in cash after IBM bought IFMX's primary business. Since then, ASCL has burned through $700 million, and for what? They haven't shown ANY profit on the $700 million they have spent. In fact, if they had just bought 3% T-bills with that money,they would have earned $21 million annually the last two year -- or grossed $42 million -- for doing absolutely nothing! But instead, ASCL has shown significant losses -- unless you choose to believe the nonsensical pro forma crap spread by ASCL's managment.

        Your assertion that my posts somehow affect the stock's price is ludicrous. I don't think that 10 people read messages posted on this board, and even less than that number care what is written. So stop making yourself look so stupid by suggesting that I or anyone else is a plant for MMs. Do you even know who the MMs are for ASCL? Didn't think you did. THERE ARE NO MMs! The stock is trading electronically on the NASDAQ and orders or filled based on buy and sell ratios. So stop espousing such idiotic ideas.

        Finally, it's time for you to put up or shut up. You've done your DD, you say. So show us your QUANTITATIVE anaysis that proves your wishful thinking. If you have none, which you don't, then I suggest you you stop cheerleading for a company that is doomed.

        So cal-risk, it's time to put up or shut up.

    • Obviously you cannot read or comprehend English. I hold 5000 shares as a position against which I can margin my short selling. Do you understand this concept?