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  • InvestmentGuru2001 InvestmentGuru2001 Sep 3, 2003 2:06 PM Flag


    You have fallen into this sucker rally. The stock might get to 20 or even higher. But at the end of the day, ASCL is still losing a shitload of money, and at its current burn rate will expend all its cash in relatively short order.

    THEY HAVE CRAPPY PRODUCTS! And few people want them.

    So keep the pump alive. It's just a matter of time and the sell-off will be huge!

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    • >> But almost two years to fully integrate it?

      This should not be a surprise. Integrating two products is as big, and often bigger, a job than developing from scratch. I think it's safe to say that Mercator will also require such effort. That's the downside. The upside is that it allows them to plug a hole quickly rather than waiting another year or so to do the in-house development.

    • OK. But almost two years to fully integrate it? How long for Mercator? Another 2 years? That was my point to this whole thing. ASCL buys old outdated technology companies and takes forever to integrate them. Thier R&D spend is very low compared to their revenue and the cash they have in the bank. This may explain why it takes sooooo long. I will wait to see this next release to see the proof in the pudding.

    • Guru

      What makes you say they have crappy products?
      Come on lets have some evidence of this. The revenue growth of ASCL seems to say otherwise, as does the investor community.

      I've watched this board for long time now and have allways laughed at your reasoning (or lack of). Your evidence for your constant "strong sell" position allways seems to be based on bad language and negative emotion with no facts.

      For once in your life post something useful without the foul mouth !

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      • Just from my experience working with the product...I do not like to give specifics unless you are a customer...but you here it is...

        My biggest complaint...They now have three non-integrated transformation engines: data statge, torrent, and mercator. They have over 50 transformations between data stage and torrent and only two are shared. There are major issues with reusability of mappings, and security across projects.

        Data stage is not an open architecture...aka...they do not have any API's. Coding in proprietary PICK is not an API. What about running on a Universe data base? Yes there are tons of people still using Universe as a db...but do you want your mission critical integration operations on this or Oracle, SQL Server or DB2? Not very many people on my team know Universe...but they all know Oracle, SQL Server and DB2.

        Revenue growth and support from investors are not key indicators to a good product. Positive customer and partner feedback and industry awards are. To date they have 0 awards from TDWI which should be their sweet spot. They should have won atleast once if they have such an awesome product and very successful customers.

        Ascential is making alot of noise in the market...but they need to fix their technology to dominate. Customers are much smarter these days and will not tolerate inferior products. This has caused me a lot of pain with my customers during implementations.

        Why do you think Mercator was in such big trouble? Customers figured out that their products stunk and their sales and credibility went down the toilet.

        Just my 2 cents.

      • You say that revenue growth has improved. This is simply not true. ASCL's revenue is in large part interest on the cash they hold, combined with additional revenue the company has purchased through acquitions. Actually, if management had left in a CD the $1 billion they got from the sale of IFMX, the company would have earned more money, and had a positive bottom line -- of course they would have had to lay off all the people who work for the company.

        So don't be fooled by changes in revenues -- those revenues were bought and are actually COSTING the company money, since it continues to have both operating and bottom line losses.

        Best way to judge the success of the company is to look to see if it is adding or losing its cash. ASCL had over $1 billion in cash, and now has about $400 million.

        The reason? They are burning money, in large part because very few people want their products, and even fewer think those products are very good. Call some IT managers at companies ASCL sells its product to and ask them.

        Then, maybe you'll believe me.