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  • InvestmentGuru2001 InvestmentGuru2001 Sep 4, 2003 3:31 PM Flag

    Just covered at 18.81

    Only a .19 cent profit today on my 5000 short shares, which is still not bad. $1000 is $1000.

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    • Interesting... Must be that 'new math' thing.

      18.99 - 18.81 = .18, NOT .19. but that's ok...

      Given that, $900 != $1000... but that's ok...

      Post-tax, that would represent roughly $600 'profit', which again, is not $1000... but that's ok...

      Also interesting to note that you seem to have gotten nervous... not trusting your own predictions these days?

      At noon, you claimed you would 'cover at 18.74 or at the end of the day'. However, here you are, covering with well over an hour to go?!?!?

      What's the matter Guru... wasn't the stock supposed to be sold off during the last hour? Heck, at 2:40, you claimed "Watch the sell-off during the last hour. Wow! This stock is so predictable"

      Yet, interestingly enough, the stock hasn't seen any large 5000 share blocks traded recently (though you seem to claim otherwise), and has been above the value you claim to have gotten since 3pm.

      Hmm... either REAL skittish (stock now up another $.14 since then), or just flat out lying...

      Heh... as if we should even bother asking...