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  • InvestmentGuru2001 InvestmentGuru2001 Sep 4, 2003 4:15 PM Flag


    Note the chart below...

    Note my trades at the hours I said I traded...

    Now shoot me for rounding numbers. Bottom line is I made about $1000 today trading this POS stock short, and YOU DIDN'T!

    I gladly pay my taxes to the government, unlike you who believes in a socialist regime.

    Maybe you should follow your wife's lead and become a capitalist. She seems to do quite well capitalizing on the sale of her body.

    It's amazing that you just don't get it, do you?

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    • Be ready, I will screw you and your wife at the closing bell


    • Yes I know! They suffered the same fate you will. All human life is precious; however, in your case, I think humanity would make an exception.

      BTW, as I said, 17s today. Woohoo! 16s by Tuesday, and another $10,000 gain for me!


    • Dude, I'm not the one going around admitting to projecting homo-erotic sexual fantasies on pre-teen individuals...

      You should take your own advice... and quick...

      You know what happened to Jeffrey Dahmer and, more recently, Father Geoghan, in jail, don't you?

    • Obviously you have the classic signs of psychological projection. I suggest you seek help immediately. People with a serious pathological disorder like yours often commit suicide or can even harm others. Please, seek help, or your future will be in question!

    • So, are you saying that the typical way you deal with pre-teenagers is to ramble on about your homo-erotic fantasies of them providing you oral satisfaction?

      Have you properly registered as a sexual offender in your area? Do the police, school boards, and your psych. know about your sexual deviances?

      Boy are you a sad little man...

    • "Sorry, but your juvenile comments towards your sexual disfunctions, homosexual fantasies, and juvenile name mangling are typically reserved for the bathroom humor of the pre-teen crowd."

      Yes I know. That's why I'm dealing with you the way I am. How else should I deal with a trouble teen like yourself?

    • Incidently, one of the readers of the board decided to test the email theory.

      Message from '' was received...

      Either that was you, IG, or others on the board are seeing how exposed you are...

      Still waiting for those bogus electronic trade receipts you keep referring to (you know, the ones that happened even though no trades of that size occurred during the timeframes you claim to have made them)

    • Oooohh... sorry, I guess the 5th grade arguing tactics escaped me. Let me run it by my kids to make sure I react the right way...

      "nyah nyah... I'm rubber, you are glue, bounces off me, sticks on you..."

      "phbhbhbhbht... your momma!"

      "I'm tellin on you!!!"

      Sorry, but your juvenile comments towards your sexual disfunctions, homosexual fantasies, and juvenile name mangling are typically reserved for the bathroom humor of the pre-teen crowd.

    • No, the one exposed is you. The email availability has been there for awhile. The PROFILE was updated to put in the IG comment and to add me to the directory so you will be happy (if you know anything about the Yahoo stuff, you do not get added to the Yahoo Member Directory unless you specifically request it. I had no desire to be added, so did not. I have added it, which according to yahoo should take 24 hours.

      However, the email, as mentioned, is available. So, nothing 'bounced', as you claim.

      And, of course, anyone who cares can see for themselves...

    • By the way, it's nice to see that you agree with the muadipshit in the subject line since you've been responding to it that way for ten posts. DIP SHIT truely defines you!

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