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  • okharries okharries Oct 27, 2003 11:31 PM Flag

    Strong buy


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    • you continually knock Fiore and PG who are building a major company.I find it hard to believe you cannot see the progress they have made combing their technology with others to be a formitable company in their space.You are seriously missing what is going on and while I said it in another post the purchase of Mercator was a great purchase.It will be come accretive to earnings in a few quarters and revenues will increase at a much higher rate.My analysis is based on first hand knowledge of the situation while yours are just remarks knocking the company with no reasons given.They were again cash flow positive while purchasing another company.I say we go to 35-40 bucks and split 2x1 in 3-6 months and I stand by my analysis.This cash Cow also is on the Radar screen and a combination with another company could come in late 2004.I say add to your 5k position with the Short money you are making and reap the reward.Adamo

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      • "I say we go to 35-40 bucks and split 2x1 in 3-6 months and I stand by my analysis."

        WHAT ARE YOU SMOKING? The reason for the reverse split is because the company had far too many shares. Even after the split, the company still has about 80,000,000 shares, with earnings in the negative pennies. There is NO LIKELIHOOD that you will see a positive split until the company is earning dollars, not pennies -- which is my opinion will NEVER happen.

        As to the management -- they have done nothing but try to buy earnings. And to that end, they have not been successful. The money they spent on acquisitions hasn't come close to providing any ROI.

        So I stand by my position -- P(I)G and his cronies are self-serving execs who are trying to extend shareholder pain by sucking the company dry, while trying to put up an appearance of a business.

        There is no business, and sooner or later, the house of cards WILL crumble.

        But keep smoking that good stuff -- I'm sure it makes you feel better -- at least temporarily.

      • Guru has only expressed one position and that is knocking ASCL. The stock is at near 52 week high and showing a steady trend upward.
        He only surfaces on a down day and appears after the fact. He claims he to have shorted and made tons on money. Believe me, he's not a real playeer nor does he own any stock. He's a wanna-be and closest he's been to an investor is putting a hotel on Boardwalk and having his opponent landing on it.