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  • InvestmentGuru2001 InvestmentGuru2001 Oct 28, 2003 2:54 PM Flag

    Strong buy

    "I say we go to 35-40 bucks and split 2x1 in 3-6 months and I stand by my analysis."

    WHAT ARE YOU SMOKING? The reason for the reverse split is because the company had far too many shares. Even after the split, the company still has about 80,000,000 shares, with earnings in the negative pennies. There is NO LIKELIHOOD that you will see a positive split until the company is earning dollars, not pennies -- which is my opinion will NEVER happen.

    As to the management -- they have done nothing but try to buy earnings. And to that end, they have not been successful. The money they spent on acquisitions hasn't come close to providing any ROI.

    So I stand by my position -- P(I)G and his cronies are self-serving execs who are trying to extend shareholder pain by sucking the company dry, while trying to put up an appearance of a business.

    There is no business, and sooner or later, the house of cards WILL crumble.

    But keep smoking that good stuff -- I'm sure it makes you feel better -- at least temporarily.

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    • Okay you finally posted something I can answer.There are only about 60 million shares and when the price hits 35 bucks they will want it back to about 18 bucks to allow more investors to come in.By that time revenues will be up between 35-45% and they will be Cash Flow Positive over the next 2 quarters.Did you get that Cash Flow Positive,giving them more cash and the Mercator buy will give them 1100 customers to work on new products.I told you Fiore is a great manger and I know that first hand and mercator products are good and work nicely and combined with ASCL products they will capture more than 40% of the market and it is growing by leaps and bounds.We shall see who is correct in the future but for now,your analysis is in my opinion just not correct.Adamo

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      • why do you even bother responding to this idiot. who in their right mind would hold 5000 shares in a co. he thinks is going BK? he is willing to lose 120,000 dollars just to laugh at all the longs saying he was right? a person like that is truly an InvestmentIdiot. you can reason with him all you want with facts, but he will never admit you are right. the stock could go to 100 and he would still think the co. and mgt sucks! give it up and don't waste your time on this idiot.