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  • InvestmentGuru2001 InvestmentGuru2001 Dec 22, 2003 6:50 PM Flag

    Does anyone at ASCL or elsewhere...

    Since P(I)G was in bed with White for many years, I suspect they are investigating the Ardent deal, ties with the P(I)G, and his behavior after he took the reigns of the company. My hope is that they nail the current group of cronies faster than 7 years after the fact, and that if these guys did something illegal that they get some serious jail time!

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    • What the heck are you talking about...

      What information do you have that PG even KNOWS White?

      Informix, under the direction of Jean-Yves Dexmier, was the company that bought Ardent (under the direction of Peter Gyenes).

      Before Dexmier was Bob Finocchio.

      So, Phil White last was involved with Informix back in July 1997. Finocchio was the CEO from 1997 until 1999.

      So, how is it that Phil White, a West Coast ousted CEO who last worked for Informix in 1997 and Peter Gyenes, who didn't start working for Informix until 2000, know each other?

      While blowing smoke out of your rear-end seems to be a favorite past-time of yours, this is pretty close to as big a reach as you've made yet.