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  • R1974 R1974 Dec 17, 1998 11:40 AM Flag

    Any body notice @ one pt Stock traded..

    At one point (flash) some full sold @ 7 11/16..any explanation..

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    • Some idiot probably put in a stop at 7 11/16.
      When MM's see this they usually go stright down and
      pick it up and then go back to the trading area. I
      have never understood people who put in stops. The MMs
      are not going to let them sit there if its a bargain.
      9 times out of ten you lose money with stops.

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      • FGDDD,
        Thanks for your reply..the way i
        understood stop order differently..I trade with Brown &
        company..They told me in today's insident if you remember stock
        was trading 8 3/8-815/32
        range.I was watching on
        screen & @ flash went to 7 11/16 It can't
        be possible
        according to NASDAQ..rules stock bid price has to
        trading in that range...some thing is missing here..or
        some body
        got some body can

      • I know that my naivete is showing, but your post
        on stops really grabs me. Are there no protections
        against that happening? I do know that my own few
        experiences with stops have never been very beneficial. I
        mean every stop I placed got hit, but I also had the
        idea the stocks traded thru the stops. In this case
        today of 7 11/16 I can see that it looks just like you
        say. Do the MM's have free reign to just dip down to
        any stop they see? Doesn't that mean they have to
        abandon the higher bid position they've posted? I'll be
        most interested in anything more you can add on the
        subject. So much to learn; so little time!

    • Over 6 weeks ago, I told all of you that IFMX was
      a great buy at 5 1/2 and that a source close to me
      at IFMX said the stock would be at 10 by year end. I
      also told you all that there would be announcements
      that would get the attention of the street. I don't
      post often, but here's the scoop:

      Next week
      (because options expire tomorrow and the managment doesn't
      want to make the many option players too rich), the
      company will make several "very important" announcements.
      These announcements should sit well with the street,
      and institutional players "may" or "are likely" to
      reenter the IFMX buyers club. As I said weeks ago -- the
      stock should be at 10 by year end -- only 2 weeks left.
      Any bets?

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      • My sources were pretty much in line with yours
        however I never had or would attempt to set a price
        target as too many times in the past I have been
        completely wrong as to the timing and degree of price
        movement. However I did increase my holdings by about 120%
        in the middle of November. Am very thankful so far
        and this could be a great X-mas!

        There is
        still much short term upside left in this issue.