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  • InvestmentGuru2001 InvestmentGuru2001 Jan 4, 1999 12:11 PM Flag

    How come u guys know so little?

    I seldom post on these boards, but feel compelled
    to do so. In the last 6 months, I have posted 4
    messages to this board, and each has come to fruition. May
    last post was in late November when I suggested that
    IFMX would be at ten by year's end. I was wrong -- it
    was 9 7/8.

    Obviously, the vast majority of
    bozo's who post here haven't got a clue about the
    company from either the outside or inside. However, most
    folks who do post here are filled with a lot wishful
    thinking -- either to the positive or negative side,
    depending on whether they are short or long.

    again let me give you some reliable information. The
    street (meaning large institutional investors) is again
    looking at this stock. Why? Because IFMX has a good
    product (a novel reason), has improved its management,
    has straightened out its books, and the company is
    making money. Further, IFMX will play an increasing role
    in the Internet -- the buzz word for stocks to jump
    by leaps and bounds. To that end look for several
    large institutional plays in January.

    So what's
    the scoop? -- IFMX will make several important
    announcements in the next 2 months. These will include several
    new large cutomers, improved earnings, larger market
    share in Europe and South America, and a full
    correction to their books.

    Earnings will
    substantially exceed analyst expectations. Large institutional
    investors will begin to play. The stock should approach 20
    by mid-year. As to the short term, option holders
    should do quite well in January -- stocks could be
    trading at or near 12 1/2 by week's end in anticipation
    of option expirations.

    Now for you bozos who
    can read -- go back and read my 1998 posts. As a
    holder of this stock for 8 years, and as I who has
    traded it often over this period (with substantial
    gains), I encourage you to look at the facts, talk to the
    people who actually work for the company, and do a
    little analytic research on your own before you spout
    "bull shit" via this board.

    I'm tired of
    reading moron posts about their hopes and desires -- and
    not substantive analysis for this stock's

    Good luck and happy new year!

    long -- you'll be pleased by year's end.

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