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  • InvestmentGuru2001 InvestmentGuru2001 Jan 4, 1999 2:13 PM Flag

    dbtuner, monica and cigars

    It appears that dbtuner has a fixation with
    cigars similar to that of Monica. Rather than attack my
    analysis, db do some reading! Perhaps talking with someone
    at IFMX or some analysts on the Street would be a
    good start. You're good at criticism -- lousy at stock
    analysis. Get a life!

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    • Hmmmmm--wonder who has the bigger head/ego--Gumby or Guru. Hmmmmm--G & G--s'pose they are one and the same?

      • 1 Reply to dfus
      • Having a big ego, means writing checks you can't
        I don't think there's anything that I've posted
        that I couldn't
        cover. I don't think its the same
        for many on this board.

        But hey, I just posted
        this just to let you know that I'm not


        Guru, BTW, has made some very general and open comments

        then calls them accurate predictions. Me? There's info
        that I have to sit on to protect the sources. Not to
        mention that I don't post everything I know.

        as to the Dex situation, I didn't know about it, but
        I kinda felt that not all of management was in
        sync. I don't know the details of the change in CFOs so
        I can't comment. Does this mean
        that I have a
        big ego?

        Or what about Investorgal? I mean,
        heck she doesn't think highly of DBT either does she
        have a big ego? ;-)


        Oh, BTW,
        Gumby is a persona. So if I were going to say
        why not do it through Gumby?
        Or I'd use my real

    • If the cigar doesn't fit, you must acquit... Johnny Cochran to be Bill Clinton's Defense attorney.