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    BS from dex

    What BS responses from frenchy in this interview. He
    didn't answer any question directly. He gives no targets
    and no goals.

    Classic statements
    "Believe me, there is room for everybody. "

    "I am
    less interested in the dollar number coming from
    e-commerce than I am interested in how much
    faster I'm
    growing (than) the competition."

    "What is also
    important is the growth comes from two places: organic, or
    what you are doing with
    internal products, and
    external growth from mergers and acquisitions.

    "My general expectation is that we will see sales of
    Foundation 2000 pretty soon. "

    Wow, no wonder Wall
    Street loves this company. This ship has no one at the
    helm. Next time answer the questions dex. Have some
    confidence and guts. These wishy-washy answers will get you
    nowhere. No wonder IFMX is getting beat up.

    What a
    wimp. He's setting the company up to be sold at
    firesale prices.

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    • responses. He describes and states "yes" to a
      multibillion dollar business for IFMX in a few years. He
      states there is not a question about turnaround, it was
      done over the last two years and their financials
      speak towards their strength as a viable
      player/competitor in the industry. Client relationships in the
      installed base loyal and strong. Growth opportunities
      unlimited. Execution will only require staying focused which
      is what they are doing. For the pigs that want it
      all now, mommy, please now. U will just need to
      exercise a little patience. This stock will be a huge
      winner. Give a person with those huge fiduciary
      responsibilities some leeway. He is preventing shareholders from
      unnecessary future new lawsuits by being cautious. Managing
      expectations is an art. Haven't u all watched MSFT enough.
      This process allows the company the ability to
      surprise the street going forward. Good luck to the
      patient longs, we shall be rewarded handsomely. IMHO