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  • mentges mentges Oct 4, 1999 1:46 PM Flag

    Earnings . . .

    I heard through a consultant working for Informix
    that the CFO is going to take a number of charges this
    quarter to clean up the balance sheet. This was told to a
    number of people at a lunch table at the Berkeley
    Faculty Club - so I don't feel it is "inside" infomation
    - it was in a public forum. Take it for what it is
    worth. I'm a long holder (bought way above 10) so I'm
    not trying to short the stock. He did feel that the
    long term for IFMX was very good because the CFO is
    really cleaning things up, and their product line was
    selling well.

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    • If you were trying to buy less than 20 contracts
      and the price you was willing to pay was the ask
      price, then the market makers on the CBOE are required
      to take the trade. However, if you are trying to get
      a price at less than the ask, then they aren't
      required to take the trade. I traded options for years and
      learned to buy at the ask and sell at the bid. This way
      my trades always go through. Otherwise, I would have
      lost a lot of trades trying to haggle over an eighth
      of a point.

    • oct 10 calls all day long, and they won't
      them to me. what does that tell you?

      they get
      no premium in the trade, so they won't
      do it.
      that attitude signals we go higher, alot

    • I think this decline in stock price is good.
      Normally, this stock has a pre-earnings run-up and then
      declines when the earnings come out. Maybe, the opposite
      can happen this time. The price goes down till the
      earnings announcement, and then surges when the earnings
      come out.

      On the other hand, maybe out this
      little doggie is just showing anyone who�s the boss. :-)

    • of IFMX doing any more cleaning up vis-a-vis the
      balance sheet. (Sales or revenue, yes! Balance sheet,
      no.) I hope your friend's information proves to be
      completely inaccurate.

      No offense

      Did you ask your friend where he/she got such
      information? If so, what do YOU think it's worth?

      • 1 Reply to GSB_offsite_in_NOVA
      • I too hope his information was inaccurate - but
        as I said, he was very bullish in the long term. It
        was a comment in passing - people often sit around
        large tables at the Faculty Club and discuss their
        research, etc. He mentioned he did consulting for high tech
        companies including Informix, and my ears perked up. I
        don't know if he heard the "balance sheet clean-up"
        through the Informix grape-vine, or if he talked directly
        with the CFO.

        As for the price of IFMX, another
        clean-up of the balance sheet might actually be good, if
        Wall Street feels confident that all the bad news is
        finally out. Depends on the extent, and the forward
        looking statement.