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  • clarkpetersen1944 clarkpetersen1944 Mar 1, 2009 6:22 PM Flag

    -7% Friday trading when does the bleeding

    Dear Theo; Please keep up the vitally good work with the attached links in your postings. They are vitally important because they provide me with the necessary information to make important decisions about my holdings in NBG, whether to buy, hold, or sell. Further, you are my only source of information about NBG, Greece, and Turkey. You are better than the American SEC. In the case of NBG and its Annual Earnings Report for 2008, I know to hold despite the PPS decline, because the Greek and Turkish economies are good and Arapoglou knows what he's doing. Portfolio 01

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    • I agree don't let a liar and dumba*ss named check_the throw you from your most excellent work. I like that comment provide more info than the SEC.

      As for you rkor, I find your posts to be once again not very honest. And if I could take a moment to psycho-analyze your ridiculuous claims while I wait for earning reports let me give it a shot.

      *Quote: Today I put in an order for 1000 NBG at Ameritrade and went out to dinner.The American markets opens here at 4.30 PM.The order was filled at $2.17.I got home after the market opening and by that time NBG was down from a high of 2.46.I sold them at 2.43.
      A $260 gain.

      You can do several of this even in a down day.On and On.No analyzing, good feel articles needed.

      The trick is to catch the upswing to the upmarket.Now you can use that momentum.But in the meantime while you wait for the upmarket you actually can double your money before that point comes. *

      I was rolling around in "laughter" how stupid you are. And if you notice a couple of posts after this "pathetic" justification you tried pulling off after you were caught with your pants down you stated- "I'm not a day trader"?

      Hmmmm you supposedly don't day trade? I'm pretty sure that information you possibly fabricated was a day trade. Could be wrong. Let's take that with a grain of salt. And I find it really funny when you said; "the trick is to catch the upswing in the market."

      Now that is some quality investing/ day trading advice "the trick". Once again if this wasn't so funny this would be literally "pathetic". No where in a sane world would anybody that really makes money would advise hanging their hat on the "the trick". I'm guessing most of those tricks have gone astray.

      I was laughing my a*ss off when I started looking at your fabricated personal account. Let's see you risked over 2100+ dollars to make a 260 gain?? Do you have a brain? That is insanity. Let's just say you did that (that's a stretch) you miss it one time you are done. I am more convinced now more than ever you are not only a liar but a COMPLETE JACK A*SS.

      Good Luck non-day trader. You know what the easiest thing in the world to do is? Tell the truth. Because lies just make you look really dumb.

      Elroy "making another investment in NBG" tommorow

      War........"Beep Beep Beep"
      War........check_the and rkor getting together and complaining, blaming and justifying their miserable lives
      War........I'm out!

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      • Theo is for long for sure. Hopefully someone on this board can provide valid info for short. At least two sides story won't hurt. NBG as all other ADRs has country risk (We don't know other side of the world that well to put our money to commit). Low trading volume causes liquidity risk. -7% drop Friday mostly contributed by two > 60K volume aroung 11:30 am. HSBC cut Div, and may raise new capital, so it might be good news for Greece closing on Monday?

      • Amazing!

        Bobo, you are the perfect embodiment of the saying 'Can't Fix Stupid!'

        Go man the barricades against the global economy - rah-rah siskumba NBG.Or, as another well known moron used to yell - Fight, Fight, Fight.

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