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  • bigrewardlittlerisk bigrewardlittlerisk Apr 13, 2010 7:37 PM Flag

    Why You Should Invest In NBG

    1. The EU will not let Greece fail, and has provided written funding agreement (along with IMF), with funds to last thru eoy. Think they would stop funding after only 1 year...provided Greece is showing some degree of slashing its deficit? Greece may not meet the % cut they set out to do, but if they show some improvement funding would continue.
    2. Recent concerns that Greece banks need funds from the government for short term liquidity purposes - for standard repo agreements. Think the EU would commit to $40 billion, but not help out the banks....banks - one of the main factors to help Greece with economic improvement. Banks will get what they need. NBG- the premier bank of Greece would probably step to the top of the line.
    3. The greatest risk to NBG is now behind them with the EU and IMF putting forth funding conditions with big bucks for Greece government.
    4. By my readings, most of the Greek population has come to the conclusion that the austerity programs need to be implemented. The strikes,"riots" (in quotes since they are somewhat harmless )represent a very small portion of people, but the media would make you think it was the entire population of Greece!
    5. Once Greece gets rolling on getting its funds from the EU or thru its own bond offerings...say in May sometime....and Greece starts showing black and white results from austerity....I think we will start seeing NBG stock price rising again.
    6. Biggest unknown in my book is how sucessful the austerity programs will be. Even if Greece only hits a double on reaching its goal of budget slashing (assume they have unrealistic revenue numbers and cost cutters),that will be enuf for Greece and NBG to keep the train runnin' and the stock price to stay steady or more likely....go up.
    7. Probably missed some other points, but wrote this on the fly. Future investors.........I say BUY, BUY, BUY!!

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