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  • crz_ada crz_ada Oct 9, 2011 8:27 AM Flag


    There are many that thing they can diminish Greek sovereignty because of the Greek Debt. They have not read history well. Sovereignty is taken away with WAR not with haircuts to debt. Those who think otherwise will experience AGAIN the determination of the Greeks.

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    • you don't need to go to war when all you have to do is buy the country and people.. instead of gaining taxes, you gain interest on the debts.. better than taxes...

    • CRZ_Ada read and look who is dying of aids.

      Greeks are losing health care access amid dwindling budgets, facing higher risks of HIV infection and sexually transmitted diseases, and in some cases, even dying, according to a study released online

      CRZ -> There are only two options for yu greeks

      Sell you sovereignity and pay your debt

      die with health hazard. Socialism will end in Greek, it ended in USSR with loss of United Soviet Republic of Russia and ended up just with Russia.

      Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakstan, Luthenia break up.

      Similarly Greece will break up in splinters. some part will go to Germany and other to France and other debt holder.

      Free Ride for over for you CRZ.

    • << Sovereignty is taken away with WAR not with haircuts to debt. >>

      Let Greek starve to death, European Union should stop the Greek bailout, Govt won't have money to pay the public workers salaries, Greek unempolyment will jump above 53% with all govt worked laid-off and no salaries.

      No money to get the Food on the table. Riots and Anarchy and day light robbery will fix the Greek issue.

      Politician & Rich Greek folks homes will be robbed, they will then realize how IMP it was to pay their Taxes to keep the country from defaulting in debt.

      But then it will be too late. Foreign money will dry up, and no one would do business with Greek. i.e like Zimbabawave, Greek economy will be isolated and destroyed.

      Common Greeks will blame Rich Tax Evader & Politician for their nightmare and soon Greeks will sell their Island & Asset for rock bottom price and slowly give away their Sovereign status of their country.

      Greek will sell their sovereign status away .. no need of war or hair cut.

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