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  • oneday777 oneday777 Apr 17, 2013 1:30 PM Flag

    "Nick the bull " forgot to mention the reverse split

    Nbg did a r/s a short while back and screwed shareholders
    and they will do it again after the dilution.... what do you have to say about that nick the bull

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    • (continued)
      And in case Jodie and I have not made it perfectly clear, THERE WILL BE A REVERSE 1/10 SPLIT...but it is the reaction to EXACTLY THAT INFORMATION IN THE 6-K THAT HAS ME SO GIDDY...THAT'S THE PROOF IN THE more speculation/uncertainty and whatever speculation there is is ONLY TO THE UPSIDE...
      Do you see what I mean?

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    • Hey oneday, I remember your posts from back then as well!...The first time I ever bought NBG was for a pre-split of $.90 and bought all the way down to $.52; one day it actually dropped to $.37...then it reverse split 1:5 and at $2.50 it became marginable again for a week little while...long enough for me to but BAC at $5.17...then TDA decided NOT to make it marginable and it promptly dropped to a low of $1.72 (I held through this)...then at the beginning of 2012 it rallied to a high of $4.12 and I sold on the second leg down from there at between $3.88 and $3.67 for an 85% profit (it had increased about 145% if I remember correctly from top to bottom)...then I watched it unravel from the first week of 2/2012 up until about 6/15/2012 and with the elections behind it, the stock went from $1.12 to $3.30 this past 10/2012...I sold at $3.03 in 9/2012 and fretted I had done so too early...but as luck would have it , hurricane Sandy locked us out on this side of the pond and I watched it crater those two days in Greece after the "solution" was introduced regarding recapitalization...I've been accumulating again since $1.60...always adding to my position to keep myself within a 20% move of breakeven...which brings us to today...
      Reverse splits here are BENEFICIAL and dilution is IRRELEVANT...why? The reverse split makes this marginable, which makes the capital invested, all with HARD capital now even if you decide to hold, you don't have to choose to sell in order to buy something else...and that makes this stock more of a LONG term investment; the DILUTION everyone seems to be so obsessing over is IRRELEVANT here just as it was for AIG in 7/ it's post R/S trough to peak height it increased over 700% and still trades at over 400%...and the additional shares are not for to be placed in your hands, or in the hands of a hedgefund manager, etc...they will be kept in a vault by the HFSF and their sole purpose is for control via voting rights...

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