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  • asdfqwwre asdfqwwre May 17, 2013 10:14 AM Flag

    I hope you all are in GREK as well. That goes up daily! Hold NBG long term?

    I was late to the game on GREK... But happy that I own it long term. Also I am certainly am rooting for NBG you think it's safe holding it over the weekend (at this point)? Usually when I buy a stock like this, it ends badly for me! (haha) I'd ideally love to hold this and let it run like GREK and for that matter HLTOY. (that has been strong lately too)

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    • I'm holding NBG long-term, it reminds me a lot of BAC in trading at $3 in 2009. This is when you buy, of course don't be too greedy and be afraid to take a little off the table from time to time. I'm planning on selling a 1/3 of my position at $5, and another 1/3 at $10, and will sell the rest somewhere above $10. I'm a long-term holder, and usually not a day trader. NBG was/is being priced for default, not going to happen.

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      • jodiebritt May 17, 2013 10:38 AM Flag

        Van -
        NBG was not priced for default. The reason NBG went to .60 was the incessant shorting of NBG and covering via ETE on the ATX. If you look at the OBV, from the day the recap was announced last Oct until the low in April almost 99% of the NBG (on NYSE only) was sold. The quick recovery is the result primarily of the value of the warrants offered via the recap (and to a lesser the accumulation of NBG by traders).
        Do the math on the warrants and you will understand.