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  • tradelogic2001 tradelogic2001 May 23, 2013 4:09 PM Flag

    It Held Up Very Well

    Any guesses about the price when it resumes trading?

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    • Well, it keeps holding the 20 day and has held several times. This is around 1.19 btw. If support fails, then the next leg down will be about a dollar. A few things that are important to note though. We can't buy this at .55 on the NYSE. When it opens up again for trading in Athens, we still have to wait about six hours to start trading here. If NBG was going to 55 cents, why did it close at over 1.22. Finally, the options show more than twice the open interest in calls versus puts. I guess many feel this will be higher than todays closing when we are able to trade again

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      • Please correct me if i'm wrong about us not being able to buy this stock at .55. All I was saying is that we can't participate in this price. Also, I said the 20 day was holding. It did bounce off that 1.27 level a few times. I also said that if we did not hold the 20 the next leg down was the 50 at around a dollar. I don't claim to be smart enough as some posters that just simply say " I got in at .60, sold at 2.40, then shorted at 2,40 and then will go long again at .55." I also don't have a sentiment right now as I'm not that heavily invested. If it goes higher I will sell and make a profit. If we are lucky enough to get this for 50 cents I will really load in then.

      • richard i am so happy to see you!!! For days you were talking about the 1.27 support level. I was laughing to myself every day when you wrote it, I'm a trend trader too, but you're COMPLETELY ignoring the real trend, its a downtrend! anyway, we'll see what happens next, my guess is your 1.19 support wont hold either, lol, we shall see

      • Richard you are missing about everything here Please read the news not just your lines