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  • macpele macpele May 30, 2013 8:03 PM Flag

    Confused about NBG price

    Some1 please help me with this stock....Did the stock fall or rise today, because on scottrade it is saying the stock is down $5.13 from previous close of $12.20...However, Ameritrade is saying the stock is up $5.85 from a previous close of $1.22.

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    • Hahahahahahaahaha, hehehehehehehe....

    • the stock was at $ 1.20 , it did a reverse split X 10, so it is at $ 7.10 or .71 cents now down 40.83 % . I believe we get rights of extra shares and a possible dividend, the brokerage firms won't let you sell yet because they haven't split the stock. I would hold it and go long. we can get back to $ 15 sometime soon it looks which would be a $ 1.50 from the $ 1.20, now it lets you buy in at .71 cents so buyer should come in, I added 600 % to my position today so I have a cost average of .84 cents to break even.

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • You have the right to buy the new shares at $4. 60 or $4.66 something like and for each share you own they give you the chance to buy 2.6 shares. I think its a good deal. But again, the f@#$k politicians that I don't trust. So I stay away from the Greek stock market.

      • jeffsloan May 30, 2013 11:36 PM Flag

        Even though the stock went down, you will 1/10 your previous shares at the new price, PLUS you will get a payout that is essentially a type of dividend of all your previous number of shares. My guess is that it will essentially end up equally the difference in price between the 71 cents and the $1.20 it was pre-split. For example, if you had 100 shares, you now have 10 at today's price, BUT you will ALSO GET a payout (dividend) of 100 times the price they figure out in a few days. If it's 50 cents, you just broke even.