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  • finito_delamusica finito_delamusica Sep 28, 2013 12:18 AM Flag

    Just how close is Greece to total meltdown?....

    We can't be certain but here's a recent article from the Guardian to give you some idea where things are headed. And since the principals of Yahoo, in their infinite wisdom, no longer allow links to be posted, please Google "Greece's democracy in danger, warns Demos Guardian" without the quotes to get the link. Local media had similar reports running the past couple of days so the Guardian story isn't any different from what's been reported locally. If it's sounds alarmist to you then just ignore it and maybe it'll go away.

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    • "Greece's democracy in danger, warns Demos Guardian" Buy that fear.

    • Yeah. Western Europe isn't going to allow a tiny country with a population of 11 million to set up a fascist regime in their backyard, they would however likely not oppose a more authoritarian form of government taking control for a bit -- such governments can be a positive force in these situations, one need only look to the great things Putin has accomplished in Russia.

      I do however tire of media reporting on Greece's 'corruption, irresponsibility, etc etc', when the US and it's 'great banks' bear much of the blame for the economic turmoil which has beset the world.

      There's very apparent an implied racist superiority in the english media when reporting on Greece. Greeks lived as they did because they could and it benefited them, now they will have to adapt to new realities and learn new ways to make things work. When the USSR dissolved the average Russian complained because they no longer had the socialist perks, but starvation is a very strong motivational tool in effecting rapid change in peoples attitudes. Wait for the second Greek economic miracle in as many centuries, a country unburdened with cultural or religious baggage, appended to a stable wealthy region, with a globally high relative standard of education and political climate -- is a phoenix.

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      • Krim what the eff are you mumbling on about? "...appended to a stable wealthy region..." Dude, this is the BALKANS we're talking about. There is NO stability in the Balkans. Kosovo was a recent example. Things may seem quiet for now but the pot is always simmering. The same Albanian terrorist group active in Kosovo is also claiming that parts of northern Greece are Albanian territory. The problem for Greece, is that if things come to a head there's a million Albanians, mostly illegals, inside its borders to worry about. And lets not go into detail about Turkey. The last outbreak of hostilities was in 1974; not all that long ago. And as far as wealth goes Greece's neighbours Albania, Bulgaria and Romania are just as bad off if not worse than Greece.

        "Wait for the second Greek economic miracle in as many centuries"

        When the hell was the first one, you don't mean the bubble economy, brought about by EU grants, subsidies and low interest loans of the '80s and '90s?

        "Western Europe isn't going to allow a tiny country with a population of 11 million to set up a fascist regime in their backyard"

        Then how do to you explain Jobbik in Hungary. They're no more or less "fascist" than Golden Dawn. They got almost 15% of the vote in the last election and as of yet there's been no crackdown. The Greek government has got itself in a bind. What they've done is essentially unconstitutional. They are attempting to shut down GD using a 2001 anti-racketeering statute.
        The only way they're going to make the charges stick is if the judges are corrupt. If they're found innocent look for their popularity to skyrocket. If they're found guilty and the public perceives that the prosecution did not prove their case, expect trouble. The government just may have shot itself in the foot.

    • thanks for the lead,
      Recent update: today the leader of Golden Dawn party along with many members were arrested.

      We shall soon see just how much support the leadership in Greece's government has.

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