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  • f7fighter f7fighter Oct 19, 2013 11:36 AM Flag

    I've been watching this thing

    Since that first big pop oct 7thish. i watched it drift down to 4.80 and didnt act but its on my ticker watch and it kept going up. Ive been reading the posts here and it seems risky. but Im thinking of buying say 2000 shares monday at the bell and riding the momentum for a while. any one who has followed this for awhile can you explaing that wild swing in the chart to 25ish then back down. Im hoping for another one now. even if it peaks at 15 id take that.

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    • There has large volume of Jan 6 calls being bought. I bought 40 @ .25. Some money guy has done some research and have some idea that this thing is moving above 6 by Jan expiration. Instead of buying stock you might consider the option. Check it out on Yahoo Finance Page.

    • "any one who has followed this for awhile can you explaing that wild swing in the chart to 25ish then back down"

      Please take no offense; none's intended, but, COME ON ! I didn't put the above words in your mouth! You chose to come here, to a forum which has accumulated thousands of detailed discussions of facts for years, about a complex series of events, & by your amazing question alone, you show that you DON'T even know THE BASICS of this situation! No offense is intended, but "you did this to yourself"! This is a "reality call"! I don't like the "tone" of animosity & hostility, the adversarial attitude, the disrespect & discourtesy which predominate in these forums, so I'm "holding myself back." Would you mind if I just exclaimed: WOW ! ! ! ?

      The Greek sovereign debt restructuring has been the largest of its type in the history of global finance. The recapitalization of the Greek banks may have been the largest bank recapitalization in the history of banking. These have been the single biggest topics in the financial and investment information media since 2010. Have they not attracted your attention until now? Despite this, you're thinking of BUYING shares of this bank?!

      I'm not going to ask you how you conduct your investments or trades but why don't you start by either reading past threads here or maybe you can go to Wikipedia & see what they say about "Greek Sovereign Debt." I've not checked their content; I've been reading the primary reports for the last couple of years, but I assume Wikipedia will provide an excellent overview, to start. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt & assume you're not just claiming (falsely, to "humor" us) to have "read posts" here, but, to ask "gee, what's that big parabolic price change in April & May?" when you claim to have been reading the content of this forum simply isn't credible.

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      • Jeff another thing are you long or short this stock? or if in options are you buying put or calls?. o and my key board sticks so on occasion I omit a letter im way to lazy and unconcerned about a ymb to proof my posts. Im just curious. if you've been long for 2 years I guess that makes me smarter than you. cuz I waited for the knife to hit the floor before i picked it up. If your short well it looks like this stock is in play and your about to loose that stack of cash you made up till now. as far as options they usually expire worthless one way or the other and the only one who wins consistantly is the house. Im sure your going to tell me how smart you are but in truth your no smarter than me. after all we are both here at the same time . Its not like you were here at 4 and fast forward and now your dumping your 4pps shares on me for 90pps. I'll call a truce here and now. Lets just say we are both smart if were here and we just have different ways in which we invest. But again just by virtue of us even knowing about this stock were fairly smart investors.

      • Jeff ya i get it I am well aware of the greek financial crisis as well as ireland and europe in general. I dont pupose to be a douche bag genious like you but, again im here so i cant be a dolt. I'll let you pour over the reports for me. Then read all your posts and do what i think is correct.

    • warrants due in november strike trigger price $5.85, we are already there. holders get two shares for on waarant, free shares in other words. look for dilution of 50%. so is the pump and dumb to follow. all retailers are is the herd that never reads the prospectus. don't be one of them. anyhting over the trigger price is a shorts dream and so is the call volume proving the insurance on the short site to come.

    • aren't u from Nokia board? Lol...

      That 25 ish was a false alarm as investors thought that Greece was finally on the recovery. Now it seems certain with Greece able to come up with a budget surplus ONLY for this year. The sharp drop that followed thereafter was due to recapitalization of banks (Dilution of shares) to remain solvent.

      I'm vested....

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