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  • dancewmelove dancewmelove Oct 20, 2013 8:57 AM Flag

    here is the problem

    for all the long hopeful investors, the warrants to be attractive and for making investors invest in the Greek banks the deal was to give one warrant for the exchange of two shares and the exercisable price will be @4.29 euros which is more or less close to six dollars. the time frame also states is starts in november, some here say december would like to see some facts stating that is december if any questions go to nbg sec procpectus you will find it. end of story as far as the games played by hedgies and anyone out there is obvious by now. the drop in price due to dilution basicaly they incresed the amount of shares by ten fold when they diluted and so was the price from $25 to $2.8 dollar drop. reality though the share price skyrocketed from five dollars to twenty five in a matter of 4 weeks than drop to about fourteen and than the dilution took place so atually the stock should be trading as followsreverse plit 10 to one than dilution one to ten that gives you a price of about $1.40, book value as of now normal measures are around point8 times bv which makes this stock around $1.80. this is the highest bank stock price of any bank in the world right now. what concerns anyone should have is what other #$%$ it manipulations the Greeks will come up to siphon investors money in and leave them holding the bag, it seems there is a lot of want a bee investors here, hahahahahahahaha.

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    • According to this it states December:
      doubleu doubleu doubleu dot nbg dot gr slash wps slash wcm slash connect slash af79cd67-5fd6-4811-bd70-2b493cf5c205 slash Announcement+Commencement+of+Trading_EN dot pdf?MOD=AJPERES

      First date listed: 26/12/2013

      Some of your points are worth considering, the main one being that there is a lot of manipulation taking place here. That can be fine however, manipulation likely accounts for a majority of rapid value increases. The question is how much stomach does one have for risk? Bubbles are fine if you know they are a bubble and ride them up and know not to be too greedy and get off at the right time. For others, they might not want this risk, the rewards are potentially huge however and if youre going in with your eyes wide to what is going on, you have a good chance of not getting burned like the rest of the suckers who believe that the share price is reflecting 'the recovery in greece', as opposed to the more likely explanation - manipulation, bubble.

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      • I mean, if i had taken your advice a month ago, I wouldnt be sitting on the 34% increase which has taken place since I first joined these boards. 34% increase in one month.. I'd call that a good rate of return. my position isnt overly large in this, ive always considered this a very speculative/gambling stock, but its certainly enjoyable to see the price increase, for those with stronger stomach who have thrown bigger money on this, i wish them luck in getting out with the profits.