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  • dancewmelove dancewmelove Oct 20, 2013 11:39 PM Flag

    fake rally all over THE GREEK NEWSPAPERS, banks been manipulated by hedgies

    GO TO wwwdobankingnewsdotgr

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    • So take a short position. .. put your money where youre keyboard is! Stop your crying!

    • good find, myself and others were questioning aloud 'what happens when those warrants are excercised'. Really it seems obvious to me now what happens -- if I'm holding stock valued at (hypothetical) $7/share and December hits, those warrants are exercised at $5.98 (approx). This drags down the average value of my $7 shares, depending on how many warrants are exercised vs the number of currently floating shares. It still seems unlikely that the exercise of these warrants could drag the price down below that exercise point, in fact it seem to guarantee that we will wind up somewhere slightly above that point. For example, a thought experiment:

      600 shares floating trading at $100
      1200 shares exercised at $80 price
      The resulting *average* (what my shares would drop down to) would be == $86.666

      So while any gains ABOVE the exercise price would see a possible DROP after the warrants are exercised, it would not drop below the exercise price.

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      • there is another problem which is sytemic with new laws drom the ecb rad the articles that are posted today in the papers you will understand. that with increase share price banks will need also more recapitalization at this point, the bankers are steaming over the manipulation and are aproaching to make new rules to capitalixe banks in a diferent way. i am not sure if they can stop the manipulation and that is there worry for now. read the articles and you will understand the systemic fault of the warrants and the price manipulation.

      • "plans to increase prices by 30-50% above the price of capital increases objectively extreme"


        'hedge funds seek to create a technical euphoria to raise prices of banks up to 50% or more correct the 30-50 % above the price of capital increases. goal is to formulate exit conditions'

        'Based on this scenario the valuation of National 9.7 billion will be in the 13.2 billion or 5.55 euros per share' ($5.55 == $7.59 USD)