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  • pizza108 pizza108 Nov 27, 2013 3:34 PM Flag

    some excitiment and one big buyer could wipe out those shorting this stock in seconds.

    what we need now is news that will excite someone to buy big! a buyer of a million shares at market would easily propel NBG up to 6.50 were there is a big seller.

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    • This stock is doing great, clear trend reversal. It reached $6.36 on Oct 22nd, it's been mostly downhill since then, with the next highest close @ $5.88 on Oct 25th. So, it's gapped up above that and that high $6.36 price was part of a momentum push and reaching back up to it won't be easy in the absence of another Paulson-type news story or some other random event that can't be predicted.

    • It's like having a tooth pulled over and over again, watching this go back and forth in this price trench, and the covered calls suck also, not worth taking a chance in case we do have an explosive piece of news.

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      • as i have been saying for sometime. too many know about this stock. cnbc trader tipped the boat when he said explosive upside. over 25000 calls to less than a 1000 puts tells us everyone expects upwards. and when you have this sort of situation the big traders take control and hold the stock. it takes big news and an explosive move upwards to blast these #$%$ out of the way. once out they will continue to attack at every inch of the way, so the old saying is when in profit take profits!