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  • krimhumhrim333 krimhumhrim333 Jan 11, 2014 12:16 AM Flag

    billiosi's investment in NBG

    billiosi has a post from October saying:

    "this is a long term investement, i bought nbg in June, it went bow 50%; however i am above water now and by next February it should be above $8"

    however his post history goes back to April 2nd 2013 when he was posting on this board. more likely is he bought this dog in April and is still under water.

    even assuming he bought in June, that means he is only up about 5% or so.. 5% gain in how many months? 7 months! billi could have done better with an index fund.. perhaps he should stick with those, some people have no ability to beat the market, especially those who like billi, always chase after popular stocks, and then do everything in their power to sabotage their own very limited logical reasoning skills, through a hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil approach to investing, in a weak and needy attempt to find and nurture a social atmosphere which operates like an echo chamber, echoing into little billis ears the falsities and halftruths he feels he has to believe. this is the way weak people function. weak people are inflexible, stubborn, they become attached, they place themselves into positions that perpetuate this abuse against logic and rationality.

    the stock market isnt like watching football on tv, like some of the dumb males on this board seem to feel. if you want to play cheerleader for something, go turn on the tv, watch your football games, drink a beer. people here falling in love with their stocks, and like blind lovers, not daring to dig deep into what may lie beneath the surface. think strategically, think tactically,. be flexible, listen closely to what shorts are saying, because they are in the business of looking for any weaknesses in a thing, they will often exaggerate and half-truth you, but that doesn't mean they have nothing of value to say, their brains are geared for finding faults, while you, being long, are psychologically geared to block those ideas out.

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    • well said, Everyone should keep in mind that stocks go both ways. sometimes justified or not prices keep rising and falling depending on the circumstance. this particular stocks fundamentals say it will go up. justified or not who is to argue with rising money. at some point it will get too high and it will be a shorts dream and go down faster than it went up. but until that time we all can make money.

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      • yes, like you said about yourself 'im not a one-way trader'.. which is to say, you are flexible, and adjust your position to match any new information or circumstances that may come out. that's really the best way to be. i'd suggest to others -- save the unrequited love bit for a girl you fancy, not a stock you buy. treat stocks like bar tramps, spend as little as possible on them, take as much as possible out of them for one night, then change your number and never contact them again. (I've never done this.. but that is how to treat a stock :) )

    • boils down to this, in the stock market

      the winners think like lone wolves
      the losers think like bleating sheep

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      • anyways now for a little comedy clip on one of the biggest pumper bulls on this board, let's see a little montage of billi's intelligence:

        "realy?.... why u r so good to us?"

        "r u calculate the minutes, the seconds and the triseconds..... it's ur life"

        "prof hook that means on thing.... you should learn a new dancing"

        really I could just post his entire posting history.. all a bunch of max 10 word sentences with horrid grammar and spelling. i'm not sure he has contributed a single piece of information to this board, it's a lot of "SHORTY RUN TO RUN SHORTY" and "LOVE NBG I AM DO"

        billiosi is the new bull leader of NBG... haha!