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  • mark.stafford Mar 12, 2014 4:40 PM Flag

    Let's see we now have

    people defending management for saying and doing dumb things. Management should be held accountable for these actions period. I sick of these guys hiding behind forward looking statements. Most managers now days think they won't be called out by shareholders until they are. Guess what this is, Your Wake Up Call. You have a simple Goal that is grow the company profits, make some other CEO want to pay us shareholders tons of money for our stock. .

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    • funny you should mention a buyout
      I suspect as you put it, that another CEO is about to make an offer for BLIN. don't know about the tons of money but given BLIN's financial situation and a qualified pipeline of 50 million they present a compelling target for the right company. oddly, at the Roth Capital conference yesterday a presenter discussed their acquisition strategy at length. In Q&A the CFO stated (paraphrasing) that a prospect had a platform which if acquired would open new avenues and RFQ areas not now accessible. That I believe is the franchise area which holds big promise for BLIN.
      Thought I would post my suspicion for the record. hope it comes to fruition as I hold a nice position in the company I think interested and I acquired BLIN shares today.

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