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  • kruggerand kruggerand Jul 30, 2013 5:53 PM Flag

    "Some things get better with time" Textron 2007 NYSE

    I have share this, Last night I shared with a third generation family member a great bottle of wine, a 2005 cabernet, which was given to celebrate at the 2007 NYSE our 60 th year of being on the stock exchange. We shared this because a family member is becoming a TXT employee (third generation) ....did it on his own...I have confidence in him and TXT and hope he will bring us long term success even though he is starting at an entry level position. I truly wish we all could have enjoyed this wine, it marked also the highest stock price TXT acheived . Let's hope we get there again I only had one bottle to share but if there were fishes and loaves out there you would have all received and shared in our toast.

    Best to you all

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    • 2005 cab! ... must have been big and bold! ... he will do well at TXT ... the greatest need is good people ...

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      • The greatest needs are a meaningful dividend and respect and fair treatment for older workers. Krug's kin will do fine because he is young, quick on the draw and inexpensive to boot. The treatment of 50+ workers with significant intellectual property and histories of making Textron profitable is a disgrace. Blatant age discrimination, riffing older workers, with fine documented performance records, and walking them out the back door while welcoming the young folks and escorting them in the front door is the rule of the day. Those older folk left behind because they are critical components operationally are over-burdened and significantly pressured to execute with excellence, while being reminded daily that they are lucky to have a job. The objectives are obvious - reduction in labor, vacation, health and pension costs. I want Textron to succeed, but this strategy based on minimizing seasoned veterans with significant IP is costing big time and is going to continue to cost.

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