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  • shantilouise shantilouise Nov 28, 2001 12:42 PM Flag

    Pixar Long and Short

    unfortunately Pixr making money doesn't seem to translate to stockholders making money.

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    • "unfortunately Pixr making money doesn't seem to translate to stockholders making money."

      I've done pretty well with PIXR in the past, on several mid-term trades (several months), all long. I'm currently in again, having bought in about a year ago at under $26 (which I doubt that PIXR will ever see again), and quadrupled that position a couple of months ago a bit higher.

      The trick is to not buy at the high. If, for example, you bought in two years ago in the high 40's, well, you might not see a return from that for a few months. Or you might see some when Pixar blows out estimates in early February. Or when it blows them out again in May. Or when it buries them after Monsters, Inc. goes to video and DVD, probably next holiday season.

      Now is kind of an in-between time. Definitely not a high, and not far off realistic lows (~$33). If you see it at $33, buy, and buy big. Anything below *that* is a gift.

      At its current level, PIXR is a very good long-term buy. You WILL see appreciation from this level over the next year. I believe you will see appreciation of at least 20% from this level, in fact. Picking the perfect time to buy is always tricky, of course. But if you want to be dead certain that you can get at least some of that appreciation, now is a good time to buy. If the stock goes lower later, then buy more then.

      Laddered buys work for me. So do laddered sells.

      Keep dry powder.