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  • mr_pixar mr_pixar Nov 28, 2001 8:28 PM Flag

    Point of information.

    I throw this question to the board. Does anyone know if MI will still be in theaters in time to benefit from a possible academy award?

    How do these things work? Are there any metrics out there to judge how much an award is worth in increased B.O?

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    • Bingo. Plateau too.

    • I never implied that there was a percentage you could apply to a movie's pre-award B.O. and produce the post-award B.O. to the penny. Just a metric that would let you make an educated guess. The figure you would get by my method should have one or two standard deviations added and subtracted for a range, and then rounded off. The result might well be 20% to 30%. It'a lot of work just to get the same answer you could get by believing what you read on the net. But we have already agreed that the effort would be worth it.

    • ...that was fun -
      more feint & dodge than the featherweight bout i'm now watching, but did shed some light
      (most confusion seems religion-based).

      (was "playdough" already taken ?)

    • I attended the recent trial of mr_pixar in the court of public opinion. Mr_pixar was accused of disturbing the peace. Mr_pixar refused counsel and rose in self-defense, delivering this speech:

      It has been widely reported that a certain investor asked the oracle in Omaha 'Who is the most obnoxious person?' I would have expected teh oracle to name me, but in fact the reply was just the opposite: 'I don't know who is the most obnoxious, but it certainly isn't mr_pixar.' Now, I do not have the clear and simple mind of a Socrates. I have never deluded myself in this matter nor have I ever claimed it. But I confess to this vanity: I thought that I shared that great philosopher's ability to be thought of as obnoxious by unspeakable fools. So I asked eecfan to declare me the most obnoxious person. Instead he reports that I have become a little less obnoxious.

      I lack the clear mind and obnoxiousness of a Socrates. Now I declare that I also lack his courage as well. I will not drink the hemlock, I will confess my crimes before this tribunal in exchange for my life. I promise to be nicer to eecfan and stop criticising what he says.

      To show my good will, I will unravel the great unfathomable riddle for him. The thumper is eecfan and the thing being thumped is the Bible. I needed some comfort after I read a biblical reference to a myth from the same pen that had criticized me for making a biblical reference to a truism. The cabbages are a mystery to me myself. I read the phrase in a book entitled 'The Mudhen' when I was in Junior High.

      Before the court could deliver its opinion, mr_pixar had left the room muttering that he didn't give a fig what they decided.

    • at 30.90...
      next point approx. 29

    • raised my limit to buy again from 31.00 to 31.10
      after that, the stock traded down to 31.10, but my order did not fill.

      now mo3000, from your previous lesson, what would that suggest to you?

    • not quite as well as many others, but thk.s for asking...
      take a lesson dumbunny:

      if the DYN specialist(s) took my purchase at the low bid price of the day (33), then it was a good bet that the stock was going down further, as is the case. for anyone interested, i'll avg. down at approx. every two points (the orders are setting sittin' on the shelf). had the ask price dropped below my limit to buy yesterday, WITHOUT the order being filled, i would have assumed an imbalance on the buy side...and probably chased it promptly.

      you'd be better off, though, to just stick with what you're told to do.

    • Monsters Inc is already elegible for an Academy Award, especially in the new category.