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  • bzap2000 bzap2000 Mar 25, 2002 12:29 AM Flag


    Nuff Said...... NO

    Since Dave "the dumpster" is back, again and again
    Once again, It is time to use some facts to..."Take out the trash"

    Long term plan: 1.5 Billion to 10 Billion and Beyond (in Steve's lifetime)

    The gold medal plan
    - Y2002 Continued International release of Monster's Inc.
    - Y2003 Finding Nemo releases in summer of 2003
    - Y2004 John Lasseter's next Pixar film
    - Y2005 Brad Bird's first Pixar film
    - Y2006 Pixar's first non-Disney film
    * Unfortunately, nothing is final until Pixar announces release dates

    Earnings - past, present, future
    - This years' earnings are expected to be between 40% and 70% greater than Y2001
    - Year to year earnings appear to be going up 2001 to 2002 to 2003
    * Only time will tell

    How is that possible?
    - The domestic version of the Monster's DVD will be available in September 2002
    - Finding Nemo releases 'Worldwide' next summer
    - The domestic version of the Nemo DVD is expected 'fall of next year'
    - This year will be loaded with revenue from Monster's Inc
    - Next year will be loaded with revenue from both Monster's and Nemo
    - The potential revenue for next year is huge because of a 'summer release'

    Monster's Inc was nominated for multiple awards including: Best Animated Feature Film, Music - Score, Music - Song, and Sound Editing
    (Most impressive.... FOUR NOMINATIONS)

    WINNER """Academy Award - Best Song""" !!!

    For the Birds was nominated for: Best Animated Short Film

    WINNER """Best Animate Short Film""" !!!

    Congratulations PIXR !!!

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    • That was a subtle and effective segue into ad hominem.

    • That will teach me not to obsess in the presence of a professional! Shrecklich.

    • In German, schrecklich and schrecken are inflections of schreck which means fear. German inflects a lot like English. This should come as no surprise since English used to be German before it became French. But over the last few years English has drifted apart from German. Liberals blame Bush for this and I can see why. Anyway, in German, 'lich' added to the end of a noun turns it into an adverb and/or adjective. It's like adding 'ly' to a noun in English. In German you can add 'en' to the end of a noun to get a verb. This is exactly the same in English as in frighten, or flatten. Perhaps your 'bedeutet' should be 'bedeuten'.

      When you transliterate German into English, there is little room for change since German uses the latin alphabet. However, Yiddish, a dialect of low German, is written with Hebrew characters and there is more latitude in transliteration. The yiddish word for fear can be transliterated as schrek, schreck, shrek, what have you.

      This is an example of the power of ignorance. Your decades old knowledge of German trumps my utter lack of knowledge about that language. I had no choice but to look the word up in a dictionary.