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  • slim_niceguy slim_niceguy Feb 1, 2004 2:34 AM Flag

    Barron's Article Is Bad News For Pixr

    OH...losing the muscle of the undisputed hollywood movie marketing machine is good news?
    Pixar basically has no owned assets at this point as disney has a call on all production through 05. Oh..I forgot..Pixar has such a low PE...what a value. Fact is folks we're now in cyclical market cycles and the secular bull market of 1982-2000 is long gone. Go ahead and hold this thing on the way down...this bull market is in the 7th inning at least. This stock will be lower in 06 than it is now...look at the long run record at is one of hubris and missed is a visionary...not much of an operator...he needed disney for that.

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    • DIS is not the Brand name and not the talent or the reason people love the films Unfortunatly for dis it's all about PIXAR Barrons will reverse as news breaks of a new deal. Pixar loses nothing The contract as it stands will make the same money for PIXAR and of course factor in a better distribution deal and more profits from upcoming films and what do you get? 20, 30, 40% more profits that translates to 1-4 buck more per share. We Win

    • Slim states...

      "Pixar basically has no owned assets at this point"

      Have you gone mental? Pixar is up to it's ass in assets. Last time I checked, cash on hand was an asset, and Pixar is sitting on over $500 million. Have you heard of current ratio? It's current assets (what you own) over current liabilities. (what you owe) While Disney's ratio is about 1, meaning for every dollar it owns it owes a dollar, Pixar's is an impressive 15+. That's right, for every fifteen dollar it owns, it only owes a dollar. That's a phenomenal ratio that very few companies have. Pixar has the kind of balance sheet that allows it to go alone if it so chooses. It's risk of going alone is greatly reduced by a strong balance sheet.

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      • Have you heard of PE ratio?...evidently not.
        How about Earnings yield?..nope..not that either.
        How about how much it costs to produce and market an animated feature?...nope..blind spot.
        How about how fickle the family audience is..?
        nope..probably not. Pixar just simply fails to have a HUGE hit one time...and the stock will fall so fast you won't be able to get out.
        It isn't a matter of balance sheet at 65 times is a matter of continued perfect performanace at the boxoffice...You evidently don't know the statistics of hits in this is one in ten or less.
        Pixar has been good...but they're typecast.
        They have to get it right two ways....they can't bank on pictures that were just as good as the last one...each one has to be better.

        All you neophytes seem to think that Disney contributed absolutely nothing to the success of any of the films that have been produced thus far in their partnership. You'll learn
        that hollywood is an oligopoly and that the type of deal jobs wants won't come without a price. If he wants it all..he'll have to take much greater risks. One sllp and his one trick pony....will be selling an 18 times earnings...not 60.