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  • keepithonestplease keepithonestplease Oct 26, 2004 5:10 PM Flag

    down on volume

    ...and today's five block trades (10,000 or more) accounted for 127,795 of day's volume (slightly over 10%). one of those blocks was for over 62,000 shares - almost certainly fund action (unless it was slkjfa shaving a few from his "280,000 shares"- HA!)
    i'm also of the opinion that not just a few stop-loss orders were triggered today.

    ...end of this month is end of quarter for most mutual funds, and we can get used to this as a function of "window dressing", esp. when substantial gains are on the (otherwise pretty barren market) table.

    Antasia - you have it exactly right, and most informed investors easily embrace the "marketability" argument in respect to well as the positive market psychology aspect of the momentum that necessarily predicates any split in any company's share price.

    sorry you had to waste so much energy today swatting flies...but hey, they were pretty well-swatted.

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    • "I suspect that she is saying the same thing that I suspected"

      Who are you Inspector Clouseau????

      Ya can't make this stuff up.


    • Now that Dreamworks is public???

      I am changing my mind about the timing of a split.
      Of course, now it is too late to take a poke at DWA.

      Both companies have similar valuations;
      perhaps the current stock price will help to differentiate the two.

      I once heard Steve Jobs say that he would split the stock if it stayed over $60 after the release of the then upcoming film.

      Now I think that Steve should answer the question during the next conference call: �Split? I will consider it once Pixar reaches and stays over one hundred dollars per share�.

      Now that we are well over $60... If he sets the next target at $100 then perhaps we may break that target too.