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  • I don't know if anyone got this out of the call BUT he DIDN'T say anything when someone asked him if Cars was going to be moved up. Now he said the schedule would "slip" but he never really said which way. I can't see Steve slipping it back. It wouldn't make any sense. After all he said about 1 film a year.


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    • greykitedad writes:
      To make the 35mm prints for theater use, Pixar films are rendered at higher than HD-DVD

      In addition, one might also note that since Pixar's movies are digitally projected in some (still smallish) number of digitally equipped cinemas, obviously the bits already exist.

      As for the post about Disney getting to keep all the proceeds of HDVD's from the Library after our "divorce"---I think not.

    • To make the 35mm prints for theater use, Pixar films are rendered at higher than HD-DVD resolution, so there is no need to do it again. I think Disney has all they need to re-release movies in HD-DVD.

      That said, the arrival of HD-DVD does offer Pixar and Disney both an opportunity to make extra money on the library all over again.

    • For it to make REAL sense, Disney would want to re-render the films with HIGHER RESOLUTION.

      they'll need Pixar for that, because they own all the data. I wonder what Pixar will charge for this service?

    • re: number crunching for 2006/2007,
      don't forget HD-DVD, which can help
      make all the old DVDs yearn for replacement.

      yet, is it really true that disney would get all of
      that future hi-def return if the "film library"
      reverts to them upon divorce?

      how can one quanitfy "passive royalties" on
      film library copyrights? the franchise on
      sequels for the incredibles alone seems too
      enormous to give away in a huff.

    • It would be bad news if a slip happened because someone fell, but if someone intentionally slips "in order to generate greater box-office and DVD sales", then that could be very good news for shareholders.

      Steve outlined the possibility of an intentional slip in order to generate greater revenues!!!

      Possible revenue for the next three years if the entire schedule is slipped

      Q4/2004 � Loaded with revenue for TI domestic, international, and merchandise sales

      Spring/2005 � Loaded with revenue from the worldwide release of TI to video and DVD
      Fall/2005 � Ten year anniversary release of Toy Story to video and DVD. Perhaps an IMAX release

      Summer/2006 � Loaded with revenue from the worldwide release of Cars
      Q4/2006 � Loaded with revenue from the worldwide release of Cars to video and DVD

      Spring/2007 � Loaded with revenue from the worldwide release of Film8 to video and DVD
      Q4/2007 � Loaded with revenue from the worldwide release of Film8 to video and DVD

      * Assuming "the entire schedule slips"

    • Ya think Disney shareholders are gonna let Cars slip 6 months to 2006? You think Pixar is gonna stick with Disney another 6 months???? This film is gonna be Summer 2005.


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      • Ok, I could not sit on the sidelines for long. I expected Steve to say something along these lines of slipping Cars to a summer 2006 release. Why? First, wait for the reign of Eisner to end and possibly signing some version of a new deal with Disney. (Remember there are so many versions fo a new deal with Disney available to Pixar. For one, what about a sequels only deal on the current Pixar/Disney movies?) Second, more opportunities for children to see movies during summer as Steve said. I can think of a couple of other reasons, but I will refrain (my suggestion is to free your mind).

        Remember, Steve is not going to BS on a conference call. It is his studio (majority ownership and control) and any conversation he is having is strictly with himself. The decision is made, Steve just paved the way for the announcement. Now maybe if the stock cratered tomorrow he might change his mind, but barring that, I expect the release date to slip. My hat is off to Steve for his cleverness. Truly one of the most talented CEOs in the land.

      • DIY, did you drop out of the conference call before Steve finished talking?

        Steve said that the schedule might slip by six months. Then he said that this would give them an additional six months to look for a distribution partner.

        He refused to talk about Cars or if changes in the schedule would effect cars. He repeatedly told us that they were only considering changing the schedule.

        Everything thing he said indicates that, if the schedule is changed, the first non-Disney film will be released in the summer of 2007. Some of what he said implied that Cars could be slipped to summer of 2006, yet he basically said that it was up to Disney to make a decision on that one.

      • "This film is gonna be Summer 2005."

        I agree DIY. Steve used the cc as a sounding board and is in a very strong position to make the change happen. The strength of having six for six hits and sitting on a shit load of cash. (while Eisner is a lame duck CEO)

      • That would be the great surprise Steve has been waiting to show the world.