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  • Robear_77 Robear_77 Aug 31, 1999 4:42 AM Flag

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    At the annual meeting, Steve was very positive
    about the Disney / Pixar relationship.
    It appears
    that Disney lends Pixar many of their best and
    brightest in order to guarantee
    that each Disney /
    Pixar film will be a success.

    Disney may have
    full control over the marketing of each film, and
    Disney may
    take too much of the credit, but Pixar is
    going to share "50 / 50" in the profits.

    should be enough to make Pixar, and all us, very

    If you don't like the way Disney takes credit on ABC
    for ABL
    then think about this:

    All "A
    Bug's Life" merchandise displays a "Disney / Pixar"
    label and
    all "A Bug's Life" videos contain a Luxo
    Jr. short that introduces
    Pixar Animation

    IMHO - Pixar is the only company that Disney gives
    this type credits to.