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  • detroit09 detroit09 Nov 21, 1998 9:55 PM Flag

    Opening Weekend

    A thought just came to mind on opening weekend.
    We all talk of the 25th to the 29th as opening
    weekend, but how about the revenue for the Friday shows in
    LA. From this thread, it appears their were several
    shows. I assume there are no other showings until the
    25th. Does this revenue show up anywhere prior to the
    25th to get an idea of revenue.

    I must admit I
    amnot aware of all of the details of the LA showings or
    how much revenue it ceates prior to the full

    On another note, was in toyr r us today and asked a
    worker near a huge ABL display if any of the stuff was
    selling. She shook her head in surprise and said "ALL OF
    IT". Music to my ears.

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    • Not a great review in Entertainment Weekly, 11/27
      issue. Owen Gleiberman calls it an "oddly distant
      animated spectacle." Says that it's "the single most
      amazing film I've ever seen that I couldn't fall in love
      with ... a kiddie flick that's about nothing so much
      as its own virtuosity." Gives it a "B"

      dunno, doesn't sound like 8 year olds are gonna line up
      to see it two or three times.

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      • <<I dunno, doesn't sound like 8 year olds
        are gonna line up to see it two or three

        You came to that conclusion based on ONE
        less-than-stellar review? There are far more good reviews than bad
        ones out there. I'll reprint a previous posters link
        to prove my

        Of course reviews don't necessarily mean very much,
        but most of what I've read so far has tended to ease
        my mind. Personally I don't know that ABL will bring
        in more than $30 million on the opening weekend, but
        if it's as good as I think it will be, it will have
        lots of staying power. Good luck Pixarians!