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  • Robear_77 Robear_77 Apr 26, 1999 2:58 AM Flag

    How odd...


    Why stop at $50 per share? Didn�t
    Hambrecht & Quist just recently upgrade Pixar to its
    buy-focus list with a target of $60 per share?

    summarize recent data:

    - Hambrecht & Quist upgraded
    Pixar to its buy-focus list with a target of $60 per

    - This quarter�s earnings exceeded all analyst

    - �A Bug�s Life� is now released on both
    video and DVD. (Sales appear to be very

    - A new line of �A Bug�s Life� merchandise is now
    available in stores throughout the country.

    - �A
    Bug�s Life� will soon become the third-biggest-grossing
    animated feature of all time, bypassing the prior
    Disney/Pixar blockbuster �Toy Story�.

    - Disney and
    Pixar�s next movie �Toy Story II� is currently on
    schedule for this year�s Thanksgiving holiday.

    �Toy Story II� has an all star cast of actors,
    including the extremely famous �Tom Hanks�, �Tim Allen�,
    �Kelsey Grammer�, and �Joan Cusack�.

    - The �Toy
    Story II� teaser trailer will run on Disney�s summer
    animated release Tarzan beginning on June18. (I sure hope
    that we have another buying opportunity before then.
    As William Shatner would say� �This is going to be
    Big. Very Big !!!�)

    - The �Toy Story II� teaser
    trailer will kick off a major marketing campaign
    culminating with the release in November. This campaign will
    be one of Disney�s largest marketing campaigns this

    - There are already 50 licensees for merchandise
    for �Toy Story II�, including Mattel, Hasbro,
    Hallmark, Applause, Johnson and Johnson, and

    - �Toy Story II� has six major promotional
    partners; McDonald�s, Tropicana, Dryers, Nestle, General
    Mills, and Toys R Us. These promotional partners fund
    major advertising campaigns for their film related
    promotional tie-ins, beginning shortly after the film
    premiers, thus significantly extending the awareness of the

    - The tentative dates for merchandise to
    begin appearing on store shelves are Aug. 15 for the
    returning characters and Oct. 1 for the new characters.


    It appears to me that Pixar�s stock is ready to fly
    well beyond $$$50�

    Good luck to all serious
    investors. You�ve chosen a true winner.

    - Robear