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  • Hogsgotoslaughter Hogsgotoslaughter Dec 19, 1999 1:52 PM Flag

    YAHOO says 6.5 mil. of the float is

    in 10 institutional hands--out of 9 mil that is a
    lot, and makes it clear lots of the shorts are inst.
    holders. Also says 1.5 mil or so in mutual funds, which I
    take to NOT inculde the inst. holdings, which means
    we're only playing with about 1 mil. shares. By the
    way, no other stock I own has anywhere near that
    concentration in a few inst. players. Still long & will remain

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    • for college, but you're never to old to learn. I
      haven't posted for two reasons, some posters are just
      getting too stupid and childish for even me to respond
      to(for those of you who know me that's pretty bad
      because i like to push the envelope on having childish
      fun). Number two, i'm traveling and there really isn't
      much new to say about pixr, we're making millions and
      millions of more earnings every day and this thing is
      heading up. I know you'll find this hard to believe but i
      really haven't had much to say lately. I'm about 90 %
      bought in and everybody knows this thing is going to go
      up big, it's just a matter of when, not if. Shorts
      are shitting bricks, because you can't short pixr
      anymore and toy story 2 is still putting up out of this
      world box office numbers. One positive upgrade or the
      slightlest little event will trigger this thing up, up ,up
      like a jet rocket. I still believe that pixr will meet
      or exceed 53 before the end of the year!

      a merry christmas and a great holiday


      p.s. Watch toy story 2 over the christmas and new
      year's vacation, i have a feeling we are going to do
      even higher numbers than what the already high
      estimates are for toy story 2! All the school kids are
      going to drag their parents to the movie theatre and
      the adults are going to go back to see the new
      trailers. Mark my words, we still have millions and
      millions more earnings dollar$ $$$$$$ rolling in!

      p.s.s. Merchandising revenue, toy story 2 revenue, and
      abl revenue are all still waiting to come in the pixr
      vault!! Captain i can't do anything this thing is going
      to blow!!!!!

    • Went to see stuart little last night with the kids(boys 9 and 7). We all enjoyed it, but not close to ts2. I cannot believe that ts2 had such a strong weekend again. Very exciting.

    • Disney

      - Gets half of the profits for
      - Has finally bought big into DVD
      - Continues
      theme park expansion (while letting others pay for


      - Gets half of the profits for TS2
      Has 1.5 Billion fewer shares than Disney does

    • Shares are not counted as part of the Float as
      they are > 5% owners. Still point taken that the
      tradeable shares are in very tight supply. I do not believe
      that you can "short" shares and at the same time have
      a long position. Can anyone clarify this?

      • 2 Replies to SlowGrowth
      • Yes, you can short shares at the same time as
        holding a long position. It's called shorting against the
        box. It's often done when you want to lock in some
        gains on a volatile stock. If price goes up - hopefully
        you've shorted less than you own and you still make
        money on the additional shares. If price still goes up,
        instead of having to buy shares to cover your short
        position, you instruct your broker to use shares you
        already own to cover your position. If the share price
        goes down, you cover by buying at a lower price and
        still own all your long position to take part in future
        increases. Very useful strategy for a stock that has a hard
        time breaking well above $50 or below $35 - hence
        trading stock.

      • Thanks for the info on >5% ownership not
        counted in float; didn't know that. I also don't know if
        longs can short; I assumed they could, but don't play
        such games myself. If longs can't short, it becomes a
        puzzle how we can have 4 mil. shares shorted, as the
        puddle we're in ain't that deep.