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  • rexobXIP rexobXIP Jul 31, 2000 3:17 PM Flag

    C-Man is crying again, boo-hoo

    I am long Pixar, but I am tired of the defenders
    of this company's total disregard for shareholders.
    It's becoming a sort of "Disney lite."

    Steve Jobs doesn't care about shareholder

    Perhaps, Pixar employees don't care about the stock price
    because they get bonuses in stock, not

    Perhaps the market cap is going up but the share price
    isn't because of dilution.

    Perhaps this is a
    great company, but a lousy stock that institutions are
    not drawn to in a big way because over three years
    this stock has no movement.

    shareholders should complain to the company about how we are

    Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps

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    • I do not understand the source of the 'dilution'
      in your statement, since no insider selling on
      record since Dec. 1999 and net Inst. buying for at least
      3 quarters.
      In addition, Inst. hold most of the
      float and have for quite awhile; this stock suffers
      from too much inst. interest rather than too little.
      TCM alone owns 1/3 of the float. What is the factual
      basis of your statements??