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  • at_last_at_last at_last_at_last Sep 15, 2000 9:40 PM Flag

    Time for more facts

    So what if some prefer to call it hype. IMHO, It
    is "Time To Buy" !!!

    Target Price is $50
    (or more) in 12 months.
    The current price is very
    close to 52-week lows.....

    October should be a
    big month for product sales.
    (Lots of pre-sales
    for one of the hottest DVD of the

    Calendar of
    * September - Pixar's Annual Report
    * October 01
    - "A Bug's Life" on Pay-Per-View
    * October 14 -
    Premier of "Buzz Lightyear of Star Command". The
    Television Series
    * October 17 - Release of "Toy Story /
    Toy Story 2 - DVD 2 Pack"
    * October 17 - Release
    of "Toy Story / Toy Story 2 Collector's Set - DVD 3
    * October 26 - The Pixar Annual Shareholders
    * Oct. - Dec. - The launch of many new toys and
    products based on Disney/Pixar characters

    * End of
    summer - Linux for Intel Processors batch version of
    MTOR 2.1
    * End of summer - Alfserver for Linux and
    other supported platforms
    * End of summer - Annual
    Shareholders Meeting
    * In time for the holidays: Videos,
    DVDs, Toys and much, much, more

    Note: According
    to Pixar's website, Pixar's annual report "should be
    made available by late September". In prior years the
    report normally included Steve's letter to shareholders,
    but the website doesn't make any claims about

    May new highs happen sooner than you expect !!!

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    • Convert blockbuster movies to video and
      Create commercials for upcoming products
      Hire top
      talent away from other studios
      Build a new home in
      Begin productions on several new movies
      cash so they can get out from under the Disney
      Execute all promises on time and on schedule

      with over $210 Million in the bank, a pipeline of
      products ready for October you sure do have a lot to
      complain about.

      Of course, if you are patient then
      you will be rewarded in the essence of

      We've now dropped below the 52-week low.
      The price
      is an excellent buying opportunity and Pixar is a
      great long-term investment.

      • 2 Replies to Antasia_Disney
      • yep, we do have a lot to complain about.

        stock that did nothing during the past three years.
        This stock didn't go up during a raging bull market...
        but it is going down now. It is close to a three year
        low, has money in the bank, but pays no dividends...
        except to employees.

        Pixar gives its employees
        stock bonuses -- not options -- allowing them to sell
        and rake in the bucks while increasing the float and
        diluting share value. Face it -- good company, crappy
        stock. On the next little run, I am out. Have been long
        nearly 3 years and lost money. How much patience am I
        supposed to have. This is no moneymaker, and Jobs clearly
        doesn't give a hoot about the stock price or

        I'm fed up!!!

      • Looking at PIXR's share price over the last several months, I'm reminded of the words spoken by the famous market guru, Boy George: "I'll tumble for you, I'll tumble for you, I'll tumble for you."

    • creativity and surprise go together. lool out!!