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  • soccertese2006 soccertese2006 Jan 20, 2008 11:38 PM Flag

    potentially great future

    energy conservation is a huge market.
    listen to their last cc, this could be the next akns

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    • hey soc, are you the same guy from the wwat board. i do own wwat and this co. this company has lost me a ton of money. i have owned this company since 2000. i had 11000 shares and then it split twice now im down to 733. now they are doing another 1 for 7. the problem with co is the management they have great products but they couldn't figure out how to market them. the new president is alot better he knows what he is doing. i have been hearing the same old song from them for 8 years. show us some earnings please!

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      • yea, i'm on the wwat board. owned the stock for 8 months. bought on the konlin newsletter recommendation, held based on cc's, revenue growth.

        it's a crapshoot, their financial statement is a spider web of stock sales, there is likely more dilution but i like their potential, like the ceo said, we have a 2-3 ROI and we lose a deal only if a customer can't finance it and they are starting to provide their own financing. and they get repeat business, rare for a.e. let's hope getting on the nasdaq brings in some institutions.

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