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  • baldingcontrarian baldingcontrarian Dec 24, 2005 9:47 AM Flag

    Can anyone offer up

    3. Rgen is the lowest cost producer of p.a----but other can make it! Lly could also make it if they wished to get into the business!


    you just also said in another post that you know everything about p. A ????????

    cddog-you are obviously a joker, b/c rgen's protein a is embedded in the manuf process of the drugs that use would be extremely expensive and unattractive due to the regulatory hurdles involved for those companies to change their drug manufacturing processes.

    you are a proven liar! You try to come across as some sort of all knowing rgen superstar, but to me it appears that you are a dumb illiterate southerner has an inferioirity complex and never graduated high friends??? Lmao

    what a piker.

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    • I am proud to be a Southerner so insult as you wish.

      Next I have never said I know everything about P. A.

      I have heard and have saved comments from CC that RGEN has presented for some years and the comment by Dr. Herlihey has been and I quote----Repligen is the worlds lowest cost producer of P. A.----

      Now, that is far from saying we, Repligen, have a patent in producing P. A. and no one else can produce it. Does this mean that other could produce it----if the demand is there---they might!

      So enough of your slander! I don't have to put-up with your stupid behevior! IGNOR

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