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  • quantify000 quantify000 Aug 2, 2012 3:06 PM Flag

    HUGE CHANGES - just listening to cc >>

    Strong quarter but but 1) what happens to 1068 with the proposed partnership? what can we we expect as an upfront and ongoing royalties (not sure this is what i hoped for because of the $100m annual proposed revenues / japan $100m also so to me this is a distinct loss / but partnering may pay dividends 2) bioprocessing appears to be where future growth and strength lies 3) chez - r&d 10-20%, sg&a, goal for cost of goods sold / approach 50% target (really not much for comment or input) 4) sma - first to market dissappointed in bus decision pending italy results.
    at least the share price is up - anything to get to a fair $6 or so would feel better.
    how much cash do we currently enjoy?

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    • The move to partner 1068 is probably a good one - they have blown enough trials/time/money and they would have to build a completely new/distinct marketing arm to sell the drug upon approval - better to leverage off of some company that has the smarts and presence in the imaging agent field. This frees up their $40M in cash to acquire some businesses complementary to the bioprocessing business. Flash forward 2-3 years and you could have 3 drugs partnered with the prospects of royalty income going straight to the bottom line, on top of a bioprocessing business that is generating $0.50 per share on its own and growing at 15%+ per year. That has the sounds of a $15-$20 stock - I'll have to ride this one out!

    • RG 1068 needed but they can't bridge the gap from. More like blood to brain gap. They don't want to lose money don't blame them. Chez we all should be grateful we have a big guy. That's all I'll say on that. Huge quarter if they raise full year guidance I'd say we should be moving up now.

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      • Yes we should all be thankful to Mr. Chez at times CEO'S forget they are a Public Company and have a fiduciary responsibility to shareholders! The little folks like myself certainly cannot challenge mngt. Lets hope we are finally on the right track especially to longtime shareholders like quant and others who have held seems like forever. Good luck

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