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  • aaronkaplan aaronkaplan Oct 15, 2011 12:00 AM Flag



    EVERY shareholder alive and dead, pay attention : "GENEREX" lost the Original Reverse Split vote with Anna G. Back in OCT, of 2010. We voted about # times, "GENEREX" LOST !...We wone ,no R/S.
    Suddenly The new leadership of "GENEREX" the twins of M.Fletcher & J. Moscato want another Reverse Split vote, a new and improved one, because now with this one all the shares would have been Reversed Split equally, including the so called insie Co. shares on the shelf. So we all voted in favore of this R/S. And after all that they tell us : "HO-NO...WE DON'T WANT IT ANY LONGER" !
    Now we know that it is a definate time for new blood at the helm !...This is just too much clowning around with people's cash !- THIS HAS TO BE IT ! THE WHOLE FRONT OFFICE = OUT !

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    • The only "important" people that stay after a partnership, merger or sale are those needed to make it grow.

      A lawyer with his history here continuing as president or CEO: come on!

      I've bought, owned, sold or started six businesses. He's GONE.

    • I am convinced the ONLY thing holding Generex back from a partnership is the FEAR of the GNBT officers loosing their salary and position.

      So, Fletch and those that surround you, let me tell you what to do. Buy as much stock as you can then find a partner, even if it's a low ball offer. You will be set for life. We common stock owners will get out somewhere between $2.00 and $4.00 very happy indeed. Those that want to hang on until AE37 arrives will make fortune.

    • The 10k reveals no new business over the last 12 months. In fact they are still talking about all the work that took place prior to the realigned management taking over and these very people criticized those initiatives.

      No business. No money. One shell deal with Amarantus. $0.09 stock price, this is what was achieved over the past year. You are right Aaron. Whole office should be cleared out.

    • I agree you have spoken an honest mouthful and or the only thing that can save them and might yet is what they know and have planned or in hand and we don't.

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