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  • rjs9787 rjs9787 Jun 5, 2013 1:06 AM Flag



    Generex has been in a tough position since the reverse split proposal wasn't passed in October 2010. A subsequent proposal passed, but the company couldn't meet their own requirement to implement a reverse split ONLY if they also meet the requirement to uplist to a national exchange. The liability of warrants issued years ago during the financial calamity tied to a toxic Pipe loan have haunted them since. That liability is the main reason that they couldn't reverse to uplist. Subsequent modest financings have reloaded those warrants, while lowering the exercise price- ratchet price protection. Generex has also sold unnecessary property, to offset further dilution. The bod and management team have lowered salaries, while taking options in relief of certain cash compensation as they bridge this time period.

    During this time (the bully board period), Generex has slashed costs, beyond unusual property holdings that shareholders didn't grasp until there was a management change. Generex cut out BaBoom energy spray, Glucose Rapid Spray, Metformin gum, and subsidiary locations spanning from the Middle East to Latvia. They cut cash compensation, non essential non assets, and unnecessary off site offices with their personnel.

    Generex addled a top notch Scientific Advisory Board specific to advancing AE37 into a Phase III with the FDA agreeing to a SPA protocol. Considering how the AE37 Phase II design is far superior to the E75 dose escalating Phase I/II, which earned a SPA, success in this agreement seems beyond reasonable. The AE Phase II is prestine- single blinded, properly randomized, with a true control. The interim results demand a Phase e III.

    Oral-lyn took a step backwards, due to a horrible Phase III. There was no oversight, as Dr Anderson explained in the January CC. Dr Anderson ran the Lispro studies for Eli Lilly, and he also was the person from Lilly that brought Generex into an earlier partnership with Lilly. He has returned to right the clinical program.

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    • "asif97979 : i found you nitenite! i was hoping you were dead but no luck!"

      Congratulation! Zeit=time,bez (more or less) without...=timeless (kind of ;o)
      Well...collect all Your mental friends and try to decide who loves lamp and who loves carpet! :o)) And ask Rich for raise..about time...right Rich? :o)

    • Now hopefully this my my REAL last one,since closed the other one as i promised (is that why You came back sudden?) and i will not post anymore ,i don't have to post protect shareholders.You should do the same thing and keep Your bsheet for Yourself

    • "Now, threats"
      As You can see Your followers,stockjedi,arrrrseif with their death wishes..that kind of people,"investors",You attract.Now good luck for that!

    • One thing is sure Rich:You guys are very very lucky nobody sued You..yet..including You!And i'm not gonna repeat all the lies,i'm tired of it.I don't think You have insurance to cover Your "behind" and Fletcher does not have experience as lawyer (as well),to help You out.Now You showed up sudden from nowhere,top of that in the middle of the night (made me feel obligated to post,answer,what i hate) shows Your intention is not innocent and honest,You don't represent shareholders and terminally ill people!

    • You demonstrate perfectly the phrase about "a fool and his money are easily parted".
      While you've been busy analyzing, this stock has plunged, and big players in the industry have shown NO interest. Thinking you're smarter than the experts is your biggest investing mistake.
      You need to learn the expression "follow the money".

    • "I post only as rjs?787 or my name."

      I'm sorry i don't buy this one either!I'm sure You own other stocks as well,so what stops You not to post there?And if You post only here,it means You are getting paid for Your "service"..right?.And that would explain Your stubborn blindness,when things come to Generex or when You refuse to accept some very basic market rules.And that would explain why You repeat the official version of everything,why You "misrepresent" well known facts! ;o) I was nice..right? Ok i don't blame You because of the mismanagement of Generex ..just i found weird You suddenly posted,repeating the same "official version".You must have a reason and i'm not sure Your intention was honest!

    • "the reverse split I lobbied for in 2010 can cure the security structure. "

      Everybody knows,even a parrot,You and Generex are wrong on this.Even GALE knows.They had spin out,reasonable secondary offering,now they face $400 mill valuation or more!Same time Generex doing business as usual:issuing more shares and revers wonder the price is all time low.Soon we will find out,Generex will follow the example of GALE or the company will admit ,it is still a fraud by doing reverse split,alone.

    • "The abusers are the few, utilizing multiple aliases, as they claim others do."
      I assume You are intelligent enough to know almost all of the pumpers,enough to see today posts and how some created new aliases,pretty fast."Bashers",if i can use this word,the Capital letter..who is not real..and rrtaxes who is "making fun" of pumpers,by copying them.But i agree,used to be much much better,grown up
      India?I agree..probably it will be a "yes"and some revenue for sure..does not hurt

      BTW:no such thing earning calls..either Conference call or Earning report! :o)They did not say there will be CC and they don't have anything to sell,so no revenue,earnings :O)))

    • "Generex addled a top notch Scientific Advisory Board specific to advancing AE37.."

      Jos van der Woert? ;o)

      "Later, the reverse split I lobbied for in 2010 can cure the security structure."

      What do You mean by "lobbied"? Paid some pumpers on the board?Or bribed some members of the BOD?Then i understand the fraud "yes" vote last was YOU! Thanks Rich!

    • (the bully board period)

      Just to "correct" Your lie Rich:
      1.You guys!! have been bulling shareholders,The Street
      2.When it did not work and You knew R/S is no good,You tried to bribe shareholders to get it with the promise of free Amarantus and Antigen!Now,what a surprise,quietly both were canceled!And still You guys got the "yes" vote..i really wonder how?!Actually not really!

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