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  • dr.mavenak46 dr.mavenak46 Jun 20, 2013 9:51 AM Flag


    It looks more & more as if the inside boys Mark F. & Joe M. have timed all the final moves to the 11th hour !...To the exact time of the positive SHREYA news release regarding Oral-Recosulin!...The final outcome !
    Pending their so called GOV' approval of Oral Recosulin. They have just about enough cash to last...& due to some fund raising to last about 2 more months.....So let’s hope for the best.
    P/S, I like most of us so called longs, we are not day dreamers. We have seen many strange things here in the past. Yes, we all know.
    We are under no illusion that if these final results are not 100% positive plus & a full go…The gates of GENEREX may close shut the same day!....That's all folks !
    P/S, at that point, AE-37 may become a yard sale !...DOUBLE OR NOTHING! DOUBLE WILL LEAD TO TRIPPLE. (ORAL-LYN).

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    • Take you medications everybody.....& get ready for the ride of your wall Street life !.....Big things coming-really BIG-BIG.....The earth is shaking & the grounds are rumbling : The giant elephants are approaching !
      Can I borrow a quarter anyone?

    • India:maybe $ 1-2 million/year revenue,hardly enough to pay electricity not expect more Aaron.Take your pills,poor boy,You need them!

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      • Hello dear friend...You don't get the big picture...Anyone in the US & or Canada or ??? can buy any medication they want from India from any pharma' through e-Mail, all legal !
        The same will be true with "ORAL-RECOSULIN" !...(%%%- $$$) Now do you all understand the importance of SHREYA's positive results ?...Just hang on to your hats guys and gals !....Maybe we are not all that smart....But....THINK !...DID YOU MEAN MAYBE $ 1-2 BILLION a year...Not million ?..So get ready to : "RUMBLE" ( Or as some would say "JUMP" ) !

    • Can you imagine the pleasant surprise...If...The testing protocol that SHREYA followed were per so called US FDA rules ?...Can you just imagine the fallout of the possibility of combining or and adding the positive results to the US Oral-Lyn ?...After all, most testing of Oral-Lyn were done in other countries anyway and accepted ! The only problem : Not enough subjects !!!!!...Hello ! ?.....SURPRISE !.....NOW Who took away my medication...I am going to watch a great valley ball game.
      P/S..It may just happen !

    • This is not a PUMPING job...Just the true facts...And yes...It could go either way......HOWEVER : Again, I don't think that SHREYA of INDIA would waste about 2 1/2 years of continuous testing right through and past the last phase if they thought for one second there would be a failure at this stage of the game !
      P/S, Where is Adam F. hiding...I don't think that he is on the road to ROME.
      When the great news is released...He may as well be out of the labor force !

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