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  • stockjedi83 stockjedi83 Aug 1, 2013 4:29 PM Flag

    My Actual Prediction

    There have been a few fake ID's created to distort my ACTUAL posts. This is my real ID the i in jedi is an i not an I. You can barely tell the difference, these bashers are good. Don't be fooled, they have single handedly bash this all the way down to $0.035 as long as I've been following GNBT ($0.80). They will say it is the company who has let the stock dip this low (and in SOME respects they are right), but the thing we all forget sometimes is the TECHNOLOGY. The TECHNOLOGY has NOT changed!

    Once the PR comes out, by the END of August (which I've ALWAYS said) regarding India Oral-Lyn approval, we will rocket at least to $0.12-15. This is my prediction.

    If I'm wrong, you won't see me post here anymore. If I'm right, you will see me here for a VERY long time :)

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Still waiting to see your math regarding the monthly burn rate, you efing liar.

    • Wonder someone may have experience with JAZZ or HGSI
      JAZZ was traded at $0.18 per share, now it is traded almost $80 per share.
      HGSI was at the level at $0.45 per share, then spike to over $35 per share.
      You can check 5-10 year's chart on these two stock to confirm what I said. Other than these two stock, you can look at PCLN (was $7), AMZN ($3), AAPL ($7)... too many to list.

      My experience is on VG, I bought it at $0.38 per share, and sold it at ~$3.5 per share. Bad experience with JAZZ,, because I bough at $0.42 per share, but sold at $1.47!!! Same story with SIRI at $0.11, sold at $0.52!!!

      Yes, 8/2013 call for AE37 phase II data will make first spike; and 9/2013 call for Oral-lyn will make second spike on Generex. AE37 partnership could push GNBT to over $2 at least, Approval of Oral-Lyn in India could push GNBT to over $10.

      Life is good, spend $400 to get 10,000 share. You will turn you $400 into $100,000!!!

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